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Monday, October 25, 2010

Update on Electra, October 25, 2010

Electra Glide, weanling of rescued PMU Mare Charity and a resident of Miracle Horse Rescue has been diagnosed with an Umbilical Hernia

On 10/24/10 during MHR's second phase of their Vaccination Day, Dr. A. Hadland, D.V.M. recommended that she undergo the surgery to correct the issue. This is not an emergency surgery, but again he highly recommended it be done to avoid potential problems in the future as she gets older. Over the last sixty days we have followed the instructions of Dr. Hadland in manipulating the hernia, which is known as " Herbie" in order to reduce the size. But to no avail it remains the same, which he refers to as the "two finger" rule, which means you can stick two fingers in it. She is slightly above this rule.

Desert Pines Equine Center in Las Vegas, is the surgical center where this will be performed. I contacted Dr. Hadland this morning 10/25/10 reminding him to please contact Desert Pines to discuss with them his patient "Electra Glide" as he stated he would. The reason for this discussion is to avoid, having to drive her back and forth and causing undue stress on her little mind, and the unnecessary costs. I spoke with Veronica this morning 10/25 of Desert Pine to let her know that Dr. Hadland would be calling to discuss Electra. She stated that he would be having his conversation with Dr. Leslie Shur, D.V.M., who would be performing her surgery.

With this surgery, Electra would have to remain at their facility for two to three days after the surgery for continued observation. We were told the approximate starting figure for the surgery would be $800.00 and could go up dependent upon the severity, plus the after care at their facility.

No date has been scheduled for said surgery, but we are making preparations. We understand that the economy has touched everyone's lives and believe me we are not immune to this both on the personal as well on the rescue/sanctuary end. What we are asking is if you are able to assist financially in Electra's surgery and her after care it would be appreciated. However, we are not asking for donations be sent at this time, nor do we want them sent to Miracle Horse Rescue. When everything is scheduled, we are asking that your funds be sent/called in directly to Desert Pines Equine Center. The staff at DPEC will request all of your information, and they will provide the list of donors to MHR so that we are able to provide you with a Tax Deductible receipt of said donation. We would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.

History of Electra Glide: Electra is the foal of a PMU Mare from North Dakota that was saved by FOB's, many of which have been around since the TWR days. Charity arrived at MHR October 26th, 2009. She was in poor condition, but we had ample time to aide her in what she needed to prepare for the impending birth. On April 19th, 2010, Charity gave birth to this beautiful little filly. in the wee hours of the morning. She was healthy right from the start and both mother and baby were seen the same day of birth by Dr. Hadland.

How did Electra Glide receive her name? Well, Electra was given this name by a looonnnnggg time FOB from TWR days, who IS a FOUR time Cancer survivor. If she so choses to reveal herself she will, but that will be her call not mine. But I will say this of her, she is very special, and is a very very special friend. We want Electra to have the best, and with providing her with this surgery it is the best, and we do hope that someone may even consider providing her with a "FOREVER HOME" despite her little flaw. Electra has been handled from the day she was born, and has wonderful ground manners, can have her feet done with no issues etc. This can be confirmed by FOBs that have visited her.

Again, thank you for your time in reading and thank you for your possible consideration in assisting in Electra's surgery. Once, everything has been scheduled we will post the date, and information for said surgery.

Below is a video of Dr. Hadland's diagnosis on September 15:

Stephanie and Rob