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Stephanie Pierce

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 2, Who Me?

As Steph puts her coffee cup down, "What am I doing, I got two horses running loose." Steph jumps up, heads for the door, grabs the rope halter and lead, and heads out.

The dogs look up, and not hearing anything go back to sleep. Steph heads to the back of the ranch, knowing she will find Spirit and Justice running about.

As she approaches the Round Pens she see Justice in the right pen, where he started the night. She walked around to the gate, and it was closed and locked. "Did I dream all this?", but as she turned she saw a bow tie hanging on the rail.

Now she heads back to Spirits pen. Shaking her head, Steph doesn't know what to expect. Spirit looks up as Steph approaches, with a look of Who Me, The gate is closed and locked and a hat is hanging on the rail next to the gate.

Steph is now really confused, worried, and really upset with both Spirit and Justice. Just to make sure the rest of the crew is safe and settled, she walks each stall and the two larger pens. All is quiet, a few looks of do you have Hay, but otherwise quiet.

As she heads back to the house, "Well daylight will answer several questions." Or so Steph thought.

Steph comes in the house, the dogs look up, its not daylight yet, so back to sleep. Steph pours another cup of coffee and sits down to ponder.

"How did they get out?", "Where did they go?", "Who were the other two equines?" Bruno looks up, Steph looks over, "Maybe it was boys night out.", Steph nods. "

As Steph finishes her second cup of coffee, she stands, as the sun peaks over the mountains, "Its time to feed the horses." Dogs jump up, big ones head outside, little ones run around Stephs feet.

Steph moves to the Ladies Parlour, the Football Field, then to the back row, she talks to every horse, looks them over, and goes to the next. Some are excited and run back and forth, some know what to expect, and wait for their morning hay.

As Steph approaches Spirits Pen she looks it all over, panels, connections, gate, can't see any problems. Well she walks up and Spirit looks up, "Breakfast time", Steph looks at him and says, "Well maybe not. What went on last night?"

Spirit looks to his right, then to his left, kicks a little bit of dirt on to a pile of dirt near the center of his pen.

Steph nods, as if to say "ok", then drops the hay into the feeder. "We will see Spirit, we will see", Steph,

Steph, feeds the rest of the horses along the back row, then heads off to the round pen and Justice.

Justice seems to be sleeping on his feet, but looks up as Steph walks up, normally he runs about, kicks the rail, and is really happy to see breakfast, this morning, maybe not.

Steph, looks at him and says, "What’s wrong Justice?", Justice turns and looks at Steph, and kicks some dirt with his back hoof onto a pile of dirt in the middle of the pen.

As Steph drops the hay on the ground, Justice see breakfast, and is happy now. and dives in.... Steph, thinks to herself, what are these two tring to hide....

Steph feeds Electra, tries to anger Herbie, and heads back to the house. Knowing that she will get on the computer and tell everyone that everyone is fed and happy, but what of last nights events.

Another cup of coffee, Steph sits down and logs onto JTV. "Good Morning All" ahh wait a second "BRB", Steph jumps up and heads for the door.

She walks in a direct line to the Round Pen, dogs confused run every which way, but in the general direction. Steph walks around to the gate, opens it and goes in. Close the gate, look around, Justice is busy eating, and doesn't seem to care that Steph has entered his area.

She walks around the pen, looking at the connections between the rail panels, she looked to see if the panels have been moved, nope everything in place. Steph turned and looked around the pen. "Hmmm what is that pile of dirt?", she walks over quietly, not to disturb Justice.

Steph stands in the middle of the Round Pen, just behind a pile of dirt. Still wearing her bunny slippers she kicks the pile of dirt, and a plastic bag becomes visible.

Steph looks over quickly to Justice, who has at least two mouthfuls of hay, and she bends over and picks up not just a plastic bag, but a Walmart bag and there are things inside....

Steph heads for the gate, Justice does not look up, seems hay has a better appeal then an old plastic bag, at least for now.

As Steph turns to lock the gate, the dogs are going "FOOD, FOOD", Steph turns to them and Says "Not Food", at that point 8 dogs drop their heads and head back to the house.

As she starts the leave, she reaches over the rail and grabs the bowtie, hanging near the gate....

She gets back to the house, sits down at the computer ready to join into the morning conversations, "Rob, did you leave anything in Justice's pen for him to play with?", after a few moment Rob says "Nope haven't been by him in a couple of days." Steph turns and looks at the dirt Walmart bag, and , Rob asks, "Why do you ask?", "Ahhh, nevermind was just thinking.",

Rob heads for the door, off to work, Steph turns and says "Take care.", Rob turns and says, "Right, don't hurt yourself, should be back for lunch".... Rob closes the door and Steph turns to the Walmart bag.

What is in it?, did it just blow into the pen?, is Justice trying to hide something, why would a horse want to hide anything...

Steph turns to the computer, starting to type "Good Morning All, you won't believe...", ahhh wait Steph can't tell anyone yet, backspace, backspace....

"All the horses are feed, and all are happy." turning to her left, she looks at the bag, "I have to look inside.". She looks over to Bruno, he looks back and Says, "What could a horse be keeping, not like sticks or poop, or a dead mouse." Steph nods, and opens the bag.

Steph, opens the bag, what could be in a buried Walmart bag in a horses pen... Yeah what....

Well Steph finds a current edition of the "Horse Racing Journal", some chips from Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino, actually $137 dollars worth, a hotel key, and a photo of a bay colored thoroughbred mare, actually signed with a small hoof print in the corner, oh and two half eaten carrots.....

Steph looks over to Bruno who is interested to see if any food is in the bag, and says "What do you think?" Bruno looks up, "hmmm no poop, not interested", "No Sticks?", "don't care", "What is Spirit hiding?", Before Bruno, could get to his feet, Steph was out the door.

I don't know if you ever tried to run 100 yards in bunny slippers but it takes some work. Bruno, made it back to Spirits pen first, followed by 7 dogs, not having any idea what is going on, but they enjoyed the run. Steph opened the gate, Spirit was nose deep in hay and didn't seem to notice.

Steph looked around, .... where is the pile of dirt... Steph looks over to Spirit, "What did you do with it?", Spirit looks slowly around and looks to his water barrel, then goes back to eating.

"Ahhh", Steph walks over the water barrel, look inside and see's a floating plastic bag, not a Walmart bag, but a designer bag from the outlet mall. She reachs in and gets the bag.

"ahhh, well this should be good.", as she walks out she picks up the Frank Sinatra hat off the rail....

to be continued..