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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 4 Part 2, What you got there?

Steph reaches down, and reaches in and grabs a plastic bag, she holds it up, its a Wal-Mart bag. Lifting up the edge of Bruno's bed, and see two stacks of perfectly flat, neatly stacked Walmart bags.

"Bruno, what are you doing with all these Wal-Mart bags?", Bruno looks up and say's "Can't tell you.", Steph asks, "Why not?", "Its a secret." he says looking between the bags and Steph.

"Bruno, where did you get all of those Wal-Mart bags?", "Oh, I catch them when they blow into the yard and sometimes the trash", Bruno answers.

"But I clean the beds every week, I have never seen them.", "Oh, I move them outside on cleaning days." Bruno says waggin his tale.

Steph bends down and picks up the Wal-Mart bags, each neatly stacked and perfectly flat, as if brand new..... "Wonder how many are here?", Bruno, looks up, waggin his tail, "Seven feet"

Steph looks back at Bruno, "Bruno there is more than 5 feet of bags.", "No, I count them every day, Seven feet," Bruno comes over and very carefully takes one bag, and lays in on the floor.

"One", then takes another, "Two", and continues with Three, four, and Five. Bruno then raises, his left front leg, "One Foot"....

Steph looks at Bruno, "What are you talking about?", Bruno continues the explanation, Bag six, seven, eight, nine, ten. He then raises his right rear leg.

Bruno, say "Two feet"...... Bruno continues, "If I continue I will fall down." he looks up at Steph to see if she understands...

Steph finally understands, "What do you do when you get past four feet?" Bruno, having placed all his feet back on the ground, looks and says "oh, one of the other dogs helps me count."

Steph, nods, "BRUNO, what are you doing collecting plastic bags?", all the dogs look up, Bruno, says "I can't tell you.", Steph says "WHY?", more interest from the dogs, Bruno steadies himself, "Its a secret."

Steph notices the interest in the conversation from the other dogs, all of whom are looking back and forth between Bruno and Steph....

Steph sits down on the floor, Bruno's dog bed to one side, and now 4 stacks of Wal-Mart plastic bags neatly laying on the floor. "You don't play with them?", Bruno, looks up, "OH, NO, they are not toys or treats they are for the ...",

Seven Dogs, including Moo, Jump up and start barking, Bruno lowers his head..... Steph, yells out, "Hey I am talking here, or Bruno is." the dogs all quiet down and lay down, except for Mama Dog who is staring at Bruno, Steph looks at Bruno.

"Bruno, who are the Wal-Mart bags for?, "I can not tell you.", Steph starts to think, hmmmm... "I will give you a treat.", Bruno jumps up, "The Horses, The Horses.", Mama dog shakes her head and lays down....

Deal is a deal, Steph stands up and grabs a treat from the bag, and sits back down on the floor. "OK, its no longer a secret, here is your treat." Bruno inhales the treat, and is so happy, he is waggin his tail so hard he nearly falls down.

"Bruno, why are you collecting Wal-Mart bags for the horses?", Bruno looks up, shrugs, "I don't know.", Steph, has to think as fast as Bruno, which isn't really that hard... "Bruno, who told you to collect the bags?"

Bruno says, "Oh, it was 'B'.", "You can talk to 'B'?", "Oh, No I can't talk to the horses.". Steph leans back. "Oh, now I am really confused."

Steph begins slowly, "Bruno, if you can't talk to 'B', how did she tell you to collect the Wal-Mart bags?", Bruno looks up, "Can not tell you, its a secret." At that point Mama Dog jumps up and barks at Bruno, and says.... "Tell her about the goat, and stop beggin for treats, stupid dog."...

Steph looks at Bruno, then back to Mama Dog, Bruno shrugs, Mama Dog, just lays down. "Hey I heard Mama Dog talk to me." Bruno "Of course you did.", Steph looks at Bruno "What do you mean by that?", Bruno says "Don't you know?"

Steph says, "What do you mean?", Bruno looks around the room with dogs laying about, and says "Moo, has the gift of understanding, and it is passed to other dogs in the pack." Bruno continues "Only one dog in 10,487 feet has that blessing."

Steph, sits up a bit, "So you mean that since we got Moo, we have been able to talk to all of you?" She looks around and each dog nods, Bruno speaks up for the pack. "Well yes.", Steph goes why haven't I heard any other dogs other then you and now Mama Dog," Bruno stands up, "Thats is because I have the most to say.", seven other dogs almost in unison, "Pfffft"

"Bruno we have a problem, the two horses have been out and caused a problem for all of us. and what is this about a goat?" Steph is quicker than most dogs make her out to be, she remembered the comment.

"Oh, the Goat, she tells us what to do for the horses." Steph wants to continue the conversation, but the part about the goat is confusing her to no end.

"Tell me about the Goat." Bruno stands up straight, tail waggin, "Her name if Fred, she comes by at night and talks to the horses and then talks to us." Steph says, "I have never seen a goat on the ranch." Bruno, goes on "Oh she is very quiet, and and she is very secretive...." Steph says, "Oh yes it seems so.", "Fred, a Nanny goat, can talk to the horses and you can talk to her?", Bruno, looking so proud, as if he just found a good pile of poop to bring back to the house.

"YES, YES", "and she told you that 'B' wanted you to collect Wal-Mart plastic bags?", Bruno "YES, YES", Steph, seeing a bit of progress, "Why did 'B' ask for the Wal-Mart plastic bags?", Bruno replies, "I don't know."

Steph takes her hand and places in on her forehead. "Oh this is going to take some time to figure out."...

Bruno says, "Don't worry, I don't understand about Halloween either..." Steph looks up.....


To be continued.....

Author: SAMM