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Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Samm is the author of this late night story. Samm does most of his postings late at night when most of us are fast asleep. He does this on our chat, so when we awaken in the morning we are amused by one his creative stories or we learn different facts about horses and various other historical items that have occurred over the years. Thanks Samm for keeping us on our toes.

This tale hasn't happened yet, but as Steph tells it this is what happened.

Just a few days ago, Steph got up around 5 AM, and is heading to the coffee pot, as is the norm,

The sun isn't up yet and all is quiet around the ranch.

The dogs are all asleep in their beds, til a buzzing noise is heard, the bigger dogs jump up and head up the doggy door, the younger ones, start to run around Steph's feet.

The buzzing noise comes from the 'buzzer' at the front gate. Put there to alert Steph and Rob of visitors.

Well with the dogs off at a full run, Steph looks around for her robe and those cute bunny slippers she has...

and out the door, its not really that far to the gate, but at this hour no tell what it could be. As she leaves the door, she grabs the flashlight and heads out.

The dogs have stopped barking, but are still standing at the gate. Steph is fuming, 'Who would come by the ranch at this hour?'

There isn't a car or truck at the gate or at least no headlights, but there are two shadows standing next to the gate and the buzzer.

As Steph gets closer, she see's two horses standing there. "Oh, I hope someone didn't abandon two horses for us.".....

With the dogs at the quiet and the closer Steph gets to the gate, see shines the flash light at the horses, and who does she see....

as she gets to the gate, she recognizes Spirit and Justice...."What in the Heck are you two doing out there?".

Hard to tell, since neither of them answered. Steph reaches the gate, bends down to unlock the chain, and then looks up again at the two young horses.

Spirit has a hat on, cocked over one ear, something like Frank Sinatra would wear.

And Justice has a bow tie on, looped around his neck... Spirit is leaning against the post with his front legs crossed.

and Justice is just pawing the ground in front of him...

Did someone steal them late in the night and return them or what, as Steph was thinking that she looked down the road, and saw two shapes about a quarter mile away just barely illuminated but the lights.

It was a mule, you can tell from the back end, and a miniature horse of some breed... "What the Heck?"

As Steph swings the gate open, both Spirit and Justice awake from there musings and walk in and head to the back of the ranch.

Steph, closes the gate, and secures the lock, and looks down at the dogs. She is pretty sure that Bruno looks up and says, "I don't know either"....

"You two have alot of explaining to do once I get some coffee." As Spirit and Justice make there way back to their pens, little dust clouds form as they drag their hoofs on the ground.

Of course Steph and dogs make just as much dust as the horses going back to the house.

Should she tell Rob, should she go check to see if they, Spirit and Justice, are ok, or should she get the dust off of and out of her bunny slippers.

Well nothing is going to happen till she gets some coffee.....

Steph, sits down with her cup of coffee, takes a sip and looks at Bruno. Bruno in his way of communications looks back and says, "Who the heck were the other two Equines with them?"

At which Steph answers back, "How the Heck am I supposed to know."

Steph and Rob have had breakouts, and running about, but never a breakout where the horses left the property and came back looking as if they had been to a party....

"Oh, those two are in real trouble, yes they are."

Rob asked from the bedroom, "Who you talking to?"

"Ahhh, nevermind you would not believe it anyways..."

» _______

to be continued...