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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday evening, August 5, 2009

Good Wednesday Evening,

Finally settling in for the night. I have been out and have made the nightly check and every horse is settled in with a full tummy.

Today, I spent the day dumping, scrubbing and refilling the water barrels. It is one of my pet peeves. If you won't drink out of it, what makes you think the horse will? Except for survival sake. With each barrel it gives me the time to spend with each horse. Generally, when I am dumping a barrel, there is always one looking right over your shoulder, sniffing you, nuzzling your hair and occasionally a soft wuffle in the ear. These little things bring a smile to your face. But there is also the other side of it. Lets see who can pull the water hose out the fastest and spray all over the place.

Sophie loves to gnaw on the hose and loves to get wet. She is quite the character. After the cleaning of a barrel and it is filled, I carry a bag of stud muffins with me and will hand them out.

I gave Faith a couple and of course Little Justice was right there. I crumble the muffin in my hand and he takes the little crumbles and makes a huge production of chewing and smacking his lips. He is just so so adorable. I am so happy that I have been able to share the birth of all five babies with all of you. I am also very happy that Lisa continues to share AJ and Hope with all of us as well. It brings such good feelings to one's soul.

Well, Little Bear is really gaining his strength and his attitude. While cleaning his feet today we had a battle of the wills, but I did not give up and he eventually conceded. I held his feet low and he was quite comfortable with it all. We ended on a good note which is very very important and he was rewarded with a stud muffin as well.

It was a good day for me and the horses, and I hope yours was good as well. It is time to hit the hay but we will talk again soon. Good Night to all and sweet dreams.