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Stephanie Pierce

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And the good news continues

As you know, last year and the year before, MHR and a private group of individuals have rescued four PMU mares. In 2008 we saw the arrival of Jerri, Apple and Nellie and in 2009 came Faith. We were heartbroken to lose Nellie and her unborn foal shortly after they arrived, but have been jubilant to see the births of Hope, AJ and Justice.

On behalf of Stephanie, I'm so happy to announce today that MHR and a private group have once again saved a PMU mare! May I introduce to you...


Yes, it's true! Stephanie and the group were unable to resist her when they saw her. She was meant to come to MHR, without a doubt. She is a draft cross, born in 1994. Her foal is expected in May or June. The best news is that Stephanie has dealt with the rancher directly and has arranged that Nellie will leave North Dakota on September 19 or 20 and will arrive at MHR within a few days after. Stephanie will have plenty of time to make sure that Nellie and her foal are well cared for before birth.

Foal Watch 2010, here we come!!!