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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!

Been a few days since I have been able to come on and give updates. Been a bit on our chat very early in the morning, and a bit in the evening but for the most part not.

I have many emails to respond to and I will be getting to those so if you have emailed, be expecting a response soon...I hope.

We have been very busy, basically with daily chores. Yesterday, we spent (Colton and I) scrubbing water barrels and refilling. I groomed 18 of the horses and got everyone with the exception of a few fly sprayed, as that bottle is a monster to them and a rag is even much worse...very scary. They are all doing quite well.

Glory has been introduced to the Football Field and has made Dublin her running buddy. They are sticking together. Rosie of course went over to establish herself and was quite surprised when Glory was not going to put up with raging Rosie's garbage. It was not bad, they just kind of had the hairy eyeball standoff, but I believe they both made a point. Glory is still seeking her forever home, she is sound, has a wonderful disposition, and is very healthy. We have had her under saddle three times and has never once offered to buck. She needs someone who has time a patience and a loving heart. Well, it was my bad yesterday that Sophie got out and decided to walk on the outside of the round pen. With all the cleaning and going in and out of the stalls, I forgot to latch their gate. It took her two hours to realize I had not latched the gate, but all the same she found out and she left. I was glad I was out there though along with Colton. We had her caught up in no time flat and put away. I thought Justice would come out of skin though, it was like he yelling Mommy look at that acckkkkkkk, and of course ran to Faith. He is doing well himself growing like the little sapling that he is. He is very very curious which I like. Takes interest in everything. Not so much the trouble maker like another certain boy born here....but there is still plenty of time for that.

Marigold is doing great, the pressure sores are shrinking down, and I must attribute this to the Desitin and the Alushield. The Alushield puts a protective coating like a second skin on the wound without really drying it out, but gives it protection. I highly recommend this product, as it has worked on her. Though I may have to apply it two to three times per day, it is helping.

Little Bear looks fantastic..I will say he does not even look like the same horse that came through the gate on June 30th, 09. His coat is healthy looking, he has shed out the raggedy coat he had, and the bald spots (alopecia) that were there, are now filled in with nice hair. He holds his head up and generally the only rtime his head is down is when it is in the feed bucket. His attitude is very very good, he talks to you constantly and loves his grooming. He stands there to be fly sprayed without one bit of problem. He is a charming elderly gentleman...simply amazing.

Well, the day must get started, but will be back on again, hopefully with some new photos of the horses.

Take care everyone!