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MHR PMU horses

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exciting news from MHR!

Stephanie has asked me to let you all know that something wonderful is happening.

She and Rob have been lucky enough to find a new piece of property that they feel is much better suited for the horses, the mules, the chickens and the dogs. And, oh yes, the people too!

It's still in Pahrump, so they're not moving far, but the move is daunting nevertheless. Just think of all that they have to do to pack up everything and you'll understand why I say it's daunting. There's no hard target date on the move, but I know Stephanie is anxious to get it done.

They're knee deep in what they have to do, so please forgive her for not telling you herself. Stephanie does try to find the time to check in on chat ( every night around 7:00 PT or so. You can watch the work progress on the web cam at the same address.

Hope to see you there!