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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday evening, August 22, 2009

Hi all,

Here it is Saturday already, wow where did the week go.

We have made a great deal of progress in regards to our upcoming wonderful move. The whole move has to be done like a well-oiled machine. Everything has a place and a position as to how the move must take place.

I have completed packing the WORST part of the house..the kitchen. The horses have their bags packed and are just waiting for the wagon train to begin rolling.

I have been speaking with the rancher that we got our Nellie DIRECTLY from. He said she is doing quite well. Our transporter is a licensed independent hauler with over 30 yrs experience and he will be picking her up on the 19th/20th of September and will be headed our way. Nellie was slated to be sent to auction in Canada this fall. but her rescuers chose her and made the arrangements. Our hauler is a huge supporter of aiding rescue horses.

Many many good things happening at MHR and once we have more time and we get settled we will be on in the late evening Pacific time, either here or on our chat channel.

I do hope all is well with each of you, all the horses are doing great even with the move going on. It has not fazed them one bit, in fact several of them wanted to help, carrying off tools, untying bootlaces, as well as attempting to carrying off ladders. It has all been fun, challenging, stressful etc., and what does not kill you will make you stronger.