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Stephanie Pierce

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Tuesday Morning,

Yesterday our Little Justice took his first walk without Faith. He did very well on the lead. He walked with his head held high, ears perked forward and chest puffed out. I figured he was making himself look bigger (as big as a six week old can make himself be), as he was walking past the other big horses. Not once did this little/big guy whinney for his mom as we were walking away. His curiosity got the better of mama was not the important one at the time.

We took him over to the shoeing station and stood for a bit. He had his feet picked out, he gave all four with very little problem. At one point, he started to give a bit of the grasshopper kick on one rear but found it took too much effort on his part so he gave it up and just stood. The next thing we did was fly spray him. He has had this done before so that went without a hitch. The next step we took, with Rob and me right there, is I looped the lead over the hitching post and held it, of course he did not know he was not not tied. He tugged just a bit, but then again too much effort. Rob picked up various things we have in the area, halters, leads, etc., and rubbed all over him (we did this with AJ and Hope) he swung the rope over his head, hung halters on him and no response from Justice. It was as if he had seen all of this before and was bored with the whole situation.

On the way back to his stall the other horses whinnied their praise at him, and he whinnied back. As we rounded the corner mama came running up, and then he realized, oh there's mom, but he continued to walk along He is a bright little man and he loves humans and is very cooperative at this young age..BUT that does not mean he will not have a moment of insanity at any given time. You just have to watch for the signs.

Ginger was in with Little Bear and she was sitting and watching him and he her. It was as if they were having a conversation. That was early this morning before first cup of coffee and I knew as soon as I ran in for camera it would be over. I was right, got my coffee and she had already left.

Here are a couple of clips from the justin cam of the walk to and fro:

Part 1: Justice and Stephanie go for a walk, part I
Part 2: Justice and Stephanie take a stroll, part II

I wish everyone a good day, and I hope someone or something brings a smile to your face. Better still, make someone else smile or laugh. If at all possible take the negative and turn it into something positive....negativity can only lead to self destruction. Remember when we were kids and we were always told "THINK POSITIVE"? So true.