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MHR PMU horses

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Monday Morning ,

I do hope that everyone had a great weekend.

Ours was spent quietly doing the everyday things that are required for the horses. Quiet is always a good thing. We know that summer is upon us, as it has been quite warm or shall I say downright hot. During the winter and spring months you can just buzz through puttering with the water barrels, but now with the heat upon us you scrub about five or six and have to go cool off for about ten minutes and then back at it.

We watch the horses as they all stand outside their shade in the sun, and when I am out with them, I will say...Why dontcha go under there? They all just continue to stand basking in the sunlight.

We had a great weekend before last with visits from our friends or shall I say family members of MHR. Diane and Shannon, Cathy Potter, Linda Hayte and LindaNV. It is always fun to have them visit and catch up on everything and to watch them interface with the horses. Their laughter is so contagious, and it is generally something that one of the horses has done to begin the domino effect of laughter. You may not have seen it, but by the time the story is told it gets funnier and funnier.

Little Bear is doing well. He is beginning to sing for his meals like the rest of the gang. So he has now joined the choir as well. One of his fav foods is the Senior Equine and Rice Bran with of course a cup of Canola Oil all mixed in. His stall is approximately 20 feet from CB an OTTB whose hind left leg was broken many years ago, I have seen them eye balling one another and they do wuffle back and forth. He has shown a great deal of interest in everything that goes on around here, from the dogs racing by to the chickens toodling past his stall. The only time you ever see his head down is when he has it in his feed barrel. Though he and Old Man gave each other the hairy eyeball and the mare squeal day before yesterday, last night at last check, they were both lying next to the corral panels close to one another, and this morning they were standing the respective distance from one another, guess we are not suppose to see the tender moments..ahhhh..but I did.

Well, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful week. I truly hope you feel happiness and joy. Life is too short to feel bitterness and anger. Imagine the wonderous and good things we can accomplish being positive. Have a great one everybody!

Stephanie and the MHR Horse Family