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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday, 7/2/09

Little Bear Update from 6/30 - 7/2 A.M.

Little Bear is a joy. It is wonderful to watch just his curiosity as to what is transpiring around him over the last couple of days. He seems to be quite taken with the elderly women across the way from him.

He has a voracious appetite, which is good but he does eat very slowly. We have him on several smaller meals throughout the day in order for him to become adjusted to his new diet. The diet that he is eating has been recommended by our vet.

Prior to his leaving OA he received a physical from Dr. A. Edwards, DVM. I was provided a copy of this physical in regards to his condition and am typing it verbatim.
Small firm knot on ventral neck. Several small areas of healing alopecia. No evidence of parasites. He has been improving dramatically since arrival at farm. Lame on (R) front-ringbone. Seems pasture comfortable. This horse appears to be in good health. Weight is good considering age. No nasal or occular discharge. Weight 662lbs.
On July the 9th, Dr. Hadland will be here to give Little Bear a complete physical and much needed dental work. We will be videoing this so that all of you can see and hear what Dr. Hadland's assessment of Little Bear is and any additional recommendations he may have. We thank you and our vet thanks you for helping horses in need.

Last night Little Bear whinnied at us for his feed as he did this morning. This was a very good sign to us. He is alert, his eyes are bright and he does take a great deal of interest in his surroundings.

We may not do things the way others might, but we do what has proven to work for our organization.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thursday. Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped in the Doc Wilbur Medicine Cabinet.