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Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It has been a couple of days since I have posted. I have been working outside as well as doing much needed paperwork, thank you's which have gotten away from me. Done! :)

All of of the horses are doing well. Little Bear is our eating machine, head always in his feeder except when he is giving Old Man the hairy eyeball. However, during the night and the wee hours of morning before the sun comes up they are standing next to one another of course in their respective areas.

Marigold and Hagan are doing great. Marigolds pressure sores are getting smaller. I still go out an medicate twice daily. Dr. Hadland told me once I put her medicine on to put some Desitin on the spots he said the flies do not like it. Well, not only do I do that I also spray the AluShield over the top, and fly spray her whole body. When Marigold first arrived here in Feb 11, she was weak and constantly was lying down. Now it is the opposite, she stands and finally about 9:30pm she and Hagan will lie down for an hour or two together. When Dr. Hadland was here last (7/9/09) he was quite pleased with her appearance and demeanor, completely the opposite from when he first met her.

Glory is doing great, she is looking for her FOREVER home. She is a 3 yr old Line Back Dun with the most wonderful personality. We have put two rides on her and she has never offered to buck. She was rescued in October 06 not quite a yearling. She will make someone a wonderful horse. She is not tall, 14.3 but built like a little tank. She is good with her feet, loves to be bathed, loads and trailers well. If you are interested in Glory please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jerri and Apple are unbelievable, they stop traffic in front of the property as they are just so huge. Jerri is still aloof. She does not run away from you any longer, but still is not loveable. Apple, well, she is Apple. She will follow you around especially if you have a treat. She has always been a food-motivated kinda girl.

The photos of AJ and Hope make me smile, as they are magnificent looking and still so much a part of MHR, no matter where they live.

Faith is doing great, she has come so far from when she arrived March 18th, 09 to present day; in many ways. Her body condition and personality are excellent. Then there is her son Justice, he is a stink but you have to love him. He is continously bothering his mother, his favorite thing to do is to bite her ears. She is tolerant for a bit but she will nip him back and has. I have truly enjoyed these last 7.5 weeks with him. He is leading pretty well, does have moments of getting a case of the brain freeze. He gives his feet well at this point and has stopped with the "Jack Rabbit" kicks on the rears, very relaxed. He is defintely a very independent and confident little dude as he displayed on the day he was born.

I have Dr. Hadland coming out next Wednesday to check Levi's and Dublin's teeth and possible dental work. We are going to do this early in the morning to beat the heat.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend.