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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Sunday Morning to All,

I do hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th with family and friends. We really do not do anything on the 4th due to the horses and fireworks, but this year it was very quiet all the way across the board. I think many people realized the fire hazards of fireworks and decided to attend the shows provided by the town.

Yesterday, Little Bear was placed in his own stall next to Old Man, and all went well. However, at dinner time, though separated with their feeders being at least 15 feet apart from one another, they gave each other the stink eye from their respective feeders and gave what I call the mare "squeal." Little Bear is doing quite well, and as we walked to his new stall, took interest in everything going on around him, even stopping to look at Justice for a few moments and a couple of the mares along the way. The herd here whinnied their welcome to him and he responded back while we strolled along. This in our eyes is a good sign of a horse who is full of life.

Marigold got her bath yesterday and she seemed to enjoy it very much. I know that she enjoyed the shampooing as I took a brush and rubbed it through the suds and her upper lip was quivering, as if to tell me a little to the left oh no now to the right. It was great. While bathing her, her fly sheet and mask were both being washed so she would be be completely fresh. Marigold stands so well for everything, from being medicated to being fly sprayed. Once done we took a stroll around the property and she and Justice saw each other. Now that was cute, her ears went forward and he stood very erect looking at her as if to say "Now what are you"? He followed us for as long as he could and was very very curious. But of course where was the camera? Sitting on the patio..sigh Oh well, another photo shoot for another day.

I did pass on your Birthday Wishes to my father and daughter who share a very special day together. They asked that I convey their gratitude and thanks to all of you. Dad said that the greatest B-Day gift he received was being 3/4's of a century old. Nikki said her greatest gift was having such a supportive and caring family and for standing behind her through good times and bad. Our Mina will be coming to the ranch for a week, we just do not have a set date as of this time and I so look forward to her and Justice meeting, as she has watched him on cam so often. If I thought I get tired now, have a six yr old granddaughter hang with you and horses all day. But she and grandpa have a special project they will be working on together, then it will be his turn to hear, "Hey Grandpa, Hey Grandpa!"

I wish everyone a wonderful and safe week, filled with joy and happiness.