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Stephanie Pierce

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Friday, December 3, 2010


During our drive home from Desert Pines Wednesday evening we received a call from Theresa who was taking care of the gang while we were with Electra. She said there was a problem with Sophie. We contacted Dr. Hadland and he was on his way to the ranch. We were still 40 miles from home. Five minutes after our call to Dr. Hadland, Sophie passed away. Theresa was right there with her, head on her lap stroking her face. Dr. Hadland was called back and canceled.

As most of you know, Sophie had Cushings, and Dr. Hadland had stated upon his initial exam of Sophie that there is no cure for Cushings, she was on Chasteberry daily to stabilize the Cushings. He also said when it takes a turn for the worse, it could cause laminitis, or the vital organs would begin shutting down. She did not show any signs of Laminitis.

Sophie will be missed by all.

Thank you ever so much to Sophie's sponsors, you made a huge difference in her life.

Lil Bear has been placed with General and it is working perfectly.

Stephanie and Rob