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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 18

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 18, You don't know how to count do you?

"Rob, now that the wind has died down a bit, I am going to check on our muddy horses." Rob nods, "I am sure most have been rolling around." Steph heads for the door grabs her heavy coat, turns to the dogs "Do any of you want to come with me to check on the horses?" All eight dogs roll over as if they didn't hear Steph. Steph leaves the house, turns right, and heads to the Lady's Parlour, as she approaches, all seems quiet all of the horses are standing with the rear ends into the wind. She turns to the football Field, gets to the only a couple horses turn to see who it is, they are gathered in a couple of clumps, seemingly not bothered by the wind or rain. Steph turns and walks the back row, the only one that looks like they have rolled in the mud was General, he covered head to hoof in mud. Every one else is quiet and puting up with the rain and wind. Steph gets back toward the house, and Justice is standing under the shade, intent on something on the ground. "Well he may be smarter then he acts." Steph reachs in her pocket and pulls out a key and opens the gate and steps in, being sure to lock the new padlock, which Rob installed this morning. "Justice what you up to?" Steph asks as she walk up to him. On the ground in front of Justice are a pair of skis, before Justice can answer, Steph says "Are those Skis, where did you get those?" Justice looks up "I got them at the swap Meet last weekend. The fellow wanted 10 dollars, but I got them for 25 dollars." Steph nods, "Justice You don't know how to count do you?" Justice looks Steph directly into Stephs eyes, "Nope don't." Steph replies, "Well money, you know the paper kind and coins have different values." Justice nods, "I don't know what you mean." Steph smiles, "I will give you some training on that someday."

Steph continues "Why did you buy the skis?" Justice looks over "I am going to Lake Tahoe, yah know up by Reno for a skiing trip." Steph puts her hand to her forehead, "How are you going to do that?" Justice smiling replies, "Oh at the Retirement Home, I signed up for the trip they are taking up to Reno." Steph still wondering what they heck is going on, "They let you sign up for one of their trips?" Justice replies, "Oh, yes, they like me. And Fred helped with all the paper work." Steph replies, "Oh, yes, I am sure helped you out. Do the people at the retirement home know you are a horse?" "Oh, yes, I went done there and signed the release forms and paid for the trip. They even suggested some activities like snowboarding, and skiing, I don't know what snowboarding is, but I like to ski." Steph shakes her head, "Justice you have never skied, how do you know you like it?" Justice turns a bit and digs in the dirt and pulls out a Victora Secret's bag. "Justice where did you get that?" Justice looks up puzzled, "oh you mean the bag, Bruno got it for me." Steph takes the bag, opens it, and pulls out a copy of brigh yellow copy of "Skiing for Dummies." Steph puts the book back in bag, and hands it back to Justice. Steph in a firm voice, "Justice no skiing, no trips to Reno, and stop going to Swamp Meets. You hear me?" Justice nods, and lowers his head. Steph turns back to the gate, pulls the key out and unlocks the lock, and walks out, turns and locks the gate again. "Ya know this was the best idea Rob has had in awhile." Steph smiles, knowning that Rob has a lot of good ideas, but this one may keep the horses safe and secure.

Steph walks over to the house, opens the door steps inside, takes her coat off. Rob looks up, "So how are the horses?" Steph smiles, "Only a few have rolled around in the mud, General appears to have taken pride in getting all muddy." Rob says "He was always one for mud." Steph sits down on the couch, slips on her bunny slippers and lays back. "Rob did you know that Justice bought a pair of skis at the Swap Meet last weekend?" Rob sits up, "He what?" Steph nods, "Yep, bought a pair of skis, Justice says the fellow wanted 10 dollars, but he paid 25 dollars." Rob puts his hand to his forehead, a move that Steph has perfected over the last few weeks. "I am beginning to wonder about that boy." Steph nods, "You haven't heard the best part. He signed up for a trip to Reno to go skiing." Rob stands up, "He What?" Steph motions for Rob to sit back down. "Yeah, the retirement home is taking a trip up there and they let him sign up for it. Since you have meet some of the folks down there you might want to stop by there and talk to them." Rob shakes his head, "How could someone sign up a horse for a skiing trip. What are those people thinking?" Steph nods, "Justice says they like him, so maybe they have adopted him as a mascot or something." Rob looks over, "Why do they need a horse, they got that silly goat."

Rob looks over, "Do you want to go to bed early tonight?" Steph turns, "Yes long day yesterday and today." Steph grabs her blanky, sits up, Rob stands up, and heads to the bed room. Then comes the hoof falls out side the front, both Steph and Rob turn to the door. As they wait, they hear a knocking on the door. They each look at each other, they both start to say, 'Who could that be.' then think better of it. Steph walks to the door opens the curtain over the window. Its Justice standing there. "Its Justice." Rob walks up, "Of course who else would it be." steph opens the door. Justice looks up, "Sorry to bother you, but do you have any wax. I need to wax my skis." Before Steph can answer, Rob starts "Justice, we don't have any wax, and you can't go skiing." Justice looks from Rob to Steph hoping for a different answer. Steph shakes her head, "No skiing." Justice lowers his head and turns to walk away, Steph closes the door, and walks back to the bedroom. Rob says, "How did he get out, there are only two keys to all the locks. Darn horses." Steph turns to Rob, "I have no idea."

Rob shakes his head, "Darn horses will drive us both nuts. And Justice is so dumb, he doesn't know he will need four skis." Just as they sit down on the bed, and just as Steph takes off the bunny slippers there is another knock on the door. Both Steph and Rob stand up and make the trip to the front door. Again it is Justice, they open the door. Justice says "Oh the FEDEX delivery tomorrow is my second set of skis." He turns and walks back to his pen.

To be continued.