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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 19

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 19, Ahoy Matey

"Rob, I know I shouldn't do it, but I am going to look outside." Rob looks up smiling, "Well after last night, anything goes. Good Luck." Steph not sure if she wants to smile or not, grabs her coat, and steps outside. She waits, listens, and waits some more. Nothing going on, rain falling, some wind, but it seems all the horses are quiet. Steph turns back to the door, and starts to smile, "Well maybe all the talking has done some good."

As she reaches for the door knob she hears it, a strange noise, its coming from the front of the property. It sounds like something being dragged on the ground. "What the heck." She turns and starts to walk around the house. She can see down the road a bit from the lights of the house, maybe it’s something out on the road?, As she looks into the distances, she sees some shapes, horse shapes. "Dang, what the heck are they doing?" Steph waits they are heading her way. She figuring it will take awhile for whatever is going to transpire, she steps under the closest tree, "Love pine trees...." Steph is still trying to figure out who is making all the noise. As time passes, the noise gets louder, she does see two shapes now, on following the other. Steph waits, not really concerned about the time, but just really confused as up they are to.

Its Spirit in front, seems like he is really working hard, and its 'B' but she is not walking, she is standing still... "Ok, Ok." Steph steps out from under the tree, and walks toward them. "What are you two up to?" Spirit stops, drops the rope from his mouth and turns back to 'B' Steph follows the rope back, its tied to a row boat, and 'B' is standing in the boat. "Ok, someone tell me what you are up to." 'B' looks at Steph, "Ah, it’s raining." Steph nods "I know it’s raining. What are you doing with a boat." 'B' looks at Spirit, Spirit looks at Steph, "hmmm, well someone said today that if it keeps raining we will need a boat. So we..." Steph say "So you two went and got a boat." Both nod. Steph starts to think, but really can't come up with a good question, so she falls back to the old, "What are you going to do with the boat?" Spirit looks at 'B', 'B' looks back at Spirit, and they both shrug.

Steph looks at them both, "Did you buy it or steal it?" Hoping they bought it. Spirit smiles, "Oh we bought it." Steph has a smile on her face, "What did you pay for it?" 'B' leans forward, "The fellow wanted 10 dollars, but we got it for." Steph raises her hand "Don't tell me, I am sure it was a good price." 'B' says "yes it got it for 25 dollars, but he charged us 15 dollars for the rope, which I thought was high but we were short on money." Steph thinks, 'I wonder if anyone teaches counting to horses.' "Ok, so you paid 15 dollars for 10 foot of rope." 'B' nods, "We wanted to pay 25 dollars, but like I said we were short of money." Steph nods. Steph turns and heads to the house, stops, turns back, "'B' why are in you standing in the boat, it makes it harder for Spirit to pull?" 'B' looks at Steph, "I didn't want to walk in the mud." Steph places her hand on her forehead, turns back to the house.

Steph steps in the house, takes her coat, Rob looks over to Steph, "So what is going on?" "Oh nothing, it’s all quiet." Steph sits down on the couch. Rob nods well that will be a first. They both settle in, and begin to watch ‘Junk Dealers from Alaska’, on History Channel within a couple of minutes, Rob cocks his head to one side, "What is that noise?" Steph without looking away from the TV, "Oh, its Spirit and 'B', they are dragging a boat they bought." Rob stands up, "This I have to see." He walks to the front door, opens the curtain over the window and looks out, "Yes its Spirit pulling a boat and 'B'. Why is 'B' standing in the boat?" Steph looks over, "She didn't want to walk in the mud." Rob turns back and walks back to his chair, sits down. "Do they have I.Q. Tests for horses? We need to check out Spirit for sure, poor thing doesn't have any functioning brain cells."

Rob looks at Steph, "Why do did they get a boat?" Steph says, "They said they heard someone say that if it kept raining, they would need a boat." Rob lowers his head, Steph says, "Did you say that?" Rob nods, "I didn't think anyone would hear that." Steph smiles, "Well it doesn't take much to set them off.", Rob nods, "You are right." Rob thinks to himself, 'Lord, I hope they didn't hear...’ Steph looks at Rob, "What you thinking about?" Rob smiles, "Oh, nothing."

To be continued

Author: Samm