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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 15

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 15, Ya know I want to be a Reindeer

"Hey Rob, I am going out to feed, you need anything?" Rob smiles, "Well a new back and better knees." Steph glances over to him, "You sure you don't need me to help grab horses?", Rob replies, "No, the owners will be there, should be under control.", "Well if I don't get back before you leave have a good day." Rob replies "Thanks Stephanie, say hello to all the horses." Steph turns and grabs her coat, even with a bit warmer weather its still cold outside. "Ok gang, lets go feed the horses." at which at least five dogs jump, the ones with more common sense, decide to stay inside.

Following the standard routine, Ladies Parlour, then the Football Field, as she stands at the rail and tosses hay over the rail, each horse comes up, Steph touches each and talks to each. She continues to the back row, each horse is feed and talked to, some just asked how they are, other just a loving touch. As she passes Justice in the Round Pen she decides to skip him for now she he is laying down and intent on reading the magazine in front of him, Steph finishes up with Sampson and Ruby, Violette, then Electra, she turns back to Justice and goes into the pen.

Justice looks up, "Good Morning", Steph replies, "Good Morning, didn't mean to bypass you, but you were so interested in the magazine.", Justice nods and looks back at the pictures, "I want to be a Reindeer." Steph kneels down and looks at the pictures, a bright holiday screen with Reindeer pulling a sleigh through the sky. "Justice you can't be a Reindeer. you are a horse." Justice cocks his head to one side, and asks "You said I could be anything I wanted to be." Steph reaches over his neck and hugs him. "Justice you are a Horse, and are going to grow up to be a big horse, just like your mom." Justice starts to get up, but decides to continue to lay down where he and Steph are eye to eye. "Tell me about my mom."

Steph gasps, and reaches for her mouth, and dabs tears from her face. Steph reaches over and hugs Justice, and very close to Justice's ear, "Justice, you mom was a very strong and beautiful horse." Despite the temp, Steph sits down on the ground, and proceed to tell Justice about his mom. Justice nods once in awhile, sometimes looks at Steph with puzzled looks. But Steph continues. Steph finished up with Justice being weaned, she didn't want to continue any farther.

Justice looks up as Steph finishes the story, "Thank you, it was a fine story." Steph reaches over and hugs Justice again. Justice looks Steph in the eye, "Well then I want to be Santa Claus." Steph smiles, and feels a hand on her shoulder, Rob asks "He is ok." Steph replies "Oh thank god yes." Rob continues, "You have been in here over an hour, I thought there were problems." Steph replies, "No, he asked to hear about Faith. I guess I spent a long time telling him." Rob rubs Steph's shoulder, must have been a good story, he has moved in a long time.", Steph looks at Rob, "I think it was, he wants to be Santa Claus." Rob bends down and rubs Justice on the neck, "I think he would do a good job at that. If everything is ok, then I am off to work." Steph looks up to Rob, "I am sorry, I didn't mean to worry you and make you late." Rob replies, "Oh, I was more worried about you and Justice, and I am not late yet. Oh, and Justice thanks." Justice looks up. "I really wanted to be a Reindeer, but Stephanie says I can't be because I am a horse like my mom." Rob reaches down and rubs Justice's nose, "Ya know she is right."

Rob walks back to the house, Steph stands up, Rob about halfway back to the house, turns and yells back. "Take that dang Catalog from him, he is getting to many ideas for a young horse." Steph smiles but leaves the Montgomery Ward’s Wish Book, dated Winter 1978 with Justice. As Steph starts to leave the pen, Justice looks up, "Who is Santa Claus?"

To Be Continued

Author: Samm