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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday evening, December 3, 2010

Happy to say that Electra is home and is feeling fine. It's very nice to have her home again.

Sophie was 35 plus yrs old, came to MHR with many strikes against her. She was with us for three years this past Thanksgiving. She WAS diagnosed by a Qualified, Certified, Licensed Veterinarian Sophie was under vet care during this time. Dr. Hadland explained the effects of Cushing's Disease and the havoc it wreaks on a horse and any other animal it touches.

We knew it was a matter of time, however Sophie was still being maintained on the Chasteberry, as well as a diet which was prescribed by the Veterinarian...we seek professional help for our horses (veterinarian) and we provide the care that is required, whether it be special diet, xraying their feet, surgery when needed. Colts that are born at our facility are gelded, once again by a veterinarian. We DO NOT diagnose nor treat a horse without it being seen by a vet and we follow through with vets advice.

Cushing's is not a kind disease, and the only way I can explain it, is that it reminds me of cancer. With Cushing's the end can come from the horse having laminitis or internal organs begin to shut down. Sophie did not have laminitis, Wednesday when we left Sophie was eating breakfast. During the day when Theresa came by to check on everyone, Sophie was eating (as she was free fed), Wednesday evening when Theresa came to feed dinner, Sophie was lying down but did get up to have dinner. She ate a bit, and went and laid down again, Theresa called me and said she could not get her up, so I called Dr. Hadland and he was on his way. We were 40 miles from home. I had arranged all this and approximately five minutes after calling Dr. Hadland, Theresa called back and said Sophie had passed. I then called Dr. Hadland back to cancel his coming over. We do plan for their demise to happen, but we knew we were fighting a battle we could not win as once again for those who do not understand Cushings it is NOT curable. It can be stabilized but not cured and Sophie received everything that was prescribed by our Veterinarian.

For those of you who donated towards Sophie's removal, I will gladly send you a copy of the invoice for your review and we do appreciate your help. THANK YOU.

We were not expecting her passing, nor do we plan their passings they let us know in their own way, and she showed none of this.

Thank you everyone for understanding and the moral support you give.

Stephanie and Rob