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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 30

Steph wakes up, looks at the clock, 3AM, one of the horses is yelling something, Steph sits up, figures out it is Justice. She grabs she robe, puts on her bunny slippers and walks to the front of the house, dogs are all asleep, so it must not be too bad. Steph quietly closes the door, as to not wake any of the guard dogs, and walks over to Justice. He is running in a big U pattern front, back, under the shade, back, yelling "Help me help me." "Justice" Steph yells out, Justice comes to a halt, and runs up to the closest railing. Steph asks "What is the problem?" Justice replies "Help me." Steph nods, "Help for what?" Justice looks over both shoulders, "Bunny Rabids." Steph looks at Justice "What the heck is a Bunny Rabid? Justice looks about again, "I was sleeping over there," looking toward the back of the pen. "and when I woke up, there Bunny Rabids all over, they were eating my hay, and running all over, must have been hundreds of them, it was terrible." "So what did you do?" Steph replies, Justice answers "What any horse would do, I ran around in circles yelling. Ya know that is what horses do." Steph nods "What did these Bunny Rabids look like?" Justice looks around, "ahh, ahh, like Truffles, but shorter, and big back feet and long ears and a fluffy white tails, just like Truffles." Steph replies "I think you mean Bunny Rabbits." Justice nods, "Right, Right, Bunny Rabids." Steph shakes her head, "So how many Bunny Rabbits were there?" Justice thinks a bit, "Hundreds, I am sure," he paws the ground three times. "Yep hundreds, they were eating my hay and running around chasing each other, and sometimes playing piggy back," Steph nods, "Ahh right, Bunny Rabbits do that this time of year, heck they do it most of the year. There is nothing to worry about, they are not dangerous." Justice shakes his head, looks around again, "Not Dan Ger Oh Us, when we were coming back from Mavericks the other night, a Bunny Rabid came out on the road and chased us most of the way back here, I have never run so fast."

Steph nods "Well you are safe now, the Bunny Rabbits won't hurt you. I do have a couple of questions." Justice looks around, making sure he was safe from the Bunny Rabids. Steph continues, "What were you doing at Mavericks?" Justice looks up "Ahh, We were Line Dancing." Steph has learned not to get to too excited until she hears the full tale. "Justice when you said 'We' what did you mean?" Justice looks toward the Lady's Parlour, "ahhh, Spirit, 'B' and Jonah. Oh, and Jerri and Dublin" Steph looks at Justice, then over to the Lady's Parlour, looks back at Justice "and Jerri and Dublin?" Justice looks up, "Oh, yes, they know where Mavericks is, and they love to line dance, they even lets us order a pizza, well six pizza's." Steph shakes her head, "I was there the other night when we had line dancing, I didn't see you there." Justice nods, "We were outside on the patio, "It’s hard to walk on the dance floor, so we stayed outside." Steph nods, "Well don’t worry about Bunny Rabbits, go to sleep."

Steph waits til mid afternoon to run over to Maverick to see how things are going and to ask a couple of questions. Steph pulls up, goes inside, looks around a few customers, Debbie back behind the bar, Steph walks over, "How are things going?" Debbie looks up, "Great, all cleaned up, ready to go for tonight, the beer truck showed up on time." Steph smiles, "Well that is good. Last week when we had line dancing, do you remember a group out on the patio?" Debbie thinks a bit, "Ahh, you mean the group that ordered pizzas?" Steph nods, "Yeah I think that is the group. Did they say why they didn't come inside?" Debbie nods, "Oh yes, they said they didn't like dancing on the crowded floors." Steph nods, "Well were they happy?", Debbie nods, "OH, yes, they loved the music and two of them were teaching the younger ones how to line dance, and they really loved the pizzas." Steph smiles, "That’s is great." She turns and stops, "I wonder why people don't admit that they were serving a group of horses. hmmmm, Wonder what pizza they order?"

To be continued.

Author Samm