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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 29

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 29, The Vegetarian

"I had the weirdest dream last night." Steph nods, "What was dream about?" Justice looks over, "Don't know if it was about anything it just happened. Jason, the new people, he came and put me on a rope and lead me up here, I thought he was taking me to the tax shed to get my seebag, but then he brought me in here. Then the tall people with the hat came in and pricked me, and then I fell down, and I mean fell down butt up in the air and a big crash to the ground." Steph nods, "I think you are talking about Doc Adam." Justice nods, "Yes Doc Adam, the Vegetarian." Steph breaks in, "You mean veterinarian." Justice nods, "Right Vegetarian.", Justice continues, "And when I started to wake up, someone was pulling on my tail and messing with my mane. and when I was fully awake, I couldn't get up on all fours, I had to sit for awhile like a dog." Steph nods, "Really such a weird dream." Justice nods, "and then I got some medicine, pffft. It was really a bad dream, then I woke up and for some reason I am sore back there," Looking over his shoulder to his rear end. "And because of that dream, I think I missed my bus to Lexington." He walks over to one of the posts supporting the shade, and digs around a bit, and pulls out a small Wal-Mart bag, he walks over to Steph, "See." Steph opens the bag, inside she finds a bus ticket, she pulls it out. "Let's see this, ahhh, yes it is a bus ticket, actually several, Pahrump to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Salt Lake, Salt Lake to Denver, Denver to Kansas City, Kansas City to Cleveland, Cleveland to Pittsburg, Pittsburg to New York, New York to Boston, and lets see, Boston to Lexington Massachusetts." Justice nods, "and its non refundable. You would not believe how long it took me at the bus station to get that ticket."

"Well Justice, I am glad you had the dream and missed the bus." Justice looks down, "That ticket cost me nearly $37.50, that's a lot of people money I guess." Steph nods, "Well not really, I guess I can pay you back. But you don't have to leave now.' Justice looks at Steph, "Why?" Steph continues, "Well you had the dream already so you don't need to leave." Justice looks at Steph, "Ahh right, explain that to me some day." Steph says "I will, and anyways, you had to wrong ticket, I think you wanted to go to Lexington Kentucky where the horses are." Justice nods, Steph continues, "Lexington Massachusetts is cold and snowy this time of year."

"Hey do you want to go out and trot around in circles for 20 minutes." Justice looks over with a kind of look 'are you nuts.' Steph looks back with a 'come on it will be fun.' look. Steph leads Justice out of the pen and picks a big area to get him to trot around in, first to the left, then to the right, then to the left, then, well you get the idea. Justice is getting bored, so Steph asks him "What were you going to do in Lexington?" Justice in between breaths, "Well if it was going to be Lexington Massachusetts, I was going to freeze my butt off, I had planned for the Lexington with the horses, you know the race horses, I know I am not a race horse, but they are young, and fast, and full of spirit." Steph nods, "Yes they are.", Justice stops turns and pulls Steph, on the end of the long lead back to the pen. "I guess we are done for now." Justice says "I need to show you something." Justice waits at the gate for Steph to open the gate. Once Steph unlocks the gate Justice proceeds to pull Steph to the other side of the pen where he digs around in the dirt and pulls out one of those small fire proof boxes. He lifts it up by the handle and hands it to Steph. Steph takes it, the key is in the lock, Justice says, "You turn the metal thing." Steph nods and turns the key and opens the box. Inside is a picture. Steph picks it up and looks at it. Its a photo of a note and a rose laying in front of a statue. Justice says "I think she wanted me to have the dream." Steph nods puts the picture back in the box and hands it back to Justice.

As Steph enters the house, Rob looks up, "Why are you crying? Is there a problem?" Steph looks up, "Oh no problems all the horses are fine and Justice is doing great. We owe Justice $37.50 for his bus ticket he didn't use." Rob nods, "I guess that is a good reason for tears."

As Steph sits down on the couch, Justice lets out a whinny that could probably be heard a few miles away, "You parted my mane on the wrong side. And if that Vegetarian comes near me again I am going to bite him on the arm."

To be continued.

Author Samm