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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 31

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 31, Carrot Oaky

Steph walks out the door, making the one last round of checking horses for today. Lady's Parlour quiet, Football Field check, back row check, RP's quiet, and finally Justice. Justice with his head in the feeder, just keeps eating as Steph walks by. Steph does notice something, she stops and looks at Justice, Justice is wearing a bell around his neck, and has several pink ribbons tied to his tail. "Justice may I ask you a question?" Justice pulls his head out of the feeder, and nods "Sure." Steph continues, "Why do you have pink ribbons tied to your tail?" Justice looks over his shoulder, "Oh, Oh, don't forget this." and he shakes his head to make the bell ring. "I am in trouble, the hoof people, told me I could not use his tools, and I did. So." Steph nods, "So what did you borrow?" Justice looks down, "Ahhh, a shovel, oh, and a pick, and ahh, flashlight." Steph hold back a smile, "What we’re going to do with all those tools?" Justice looks up with a sort of smile on his face. "You told Dublin we could walk down the road any more to get to Mavericks, So I am, hmm, or was going to dig a tunnel." Steph shakes her head, "Do you know what a tunnel is? and who told you to dig a tunnel?" Justice replies, "I have no idea what a tunnel is, but Dublin told me to start on one." Steph continues to shake her head, "How long did Rob say you had to wear the bell and pink ribbons?" Justice look at Steph, "Not long, he said 'til I get half a brain.'" Steph nods, thinks to herself, 'Right not long at all' "Ok, Justice, no more tunnels." Steph turns and walks toward the Lady's Parlour. As Steph gets closer, she does a quiet look around "Oh, oh, Dublin come here." Dublin walks over to the rail, Steph asks, "Where is Jonah?" Dublin looks over his left shoulder, "He is going to get carrots." Steph stomps her foot, "Dublin I told you no more horses on the road." Dublin nods, "Right, it’s ok, he is taking the bus." Steph walks her way around the Lady's Parlour and heads for the gate. "Jonah, come here. Right now."

Jonah stops, looks over his shoulder and kicks the ground, and begins to walk toward Steph. "And where do you think you are going?" Jonah stops a bit short of Steph and looks around. "Ahh, it’s a secret. So I can't tell you." Steph replies, "Jonah we don't have secrets, we are family here, NOW where the heck were you going?" Jonah nods "I was, ahh, I was going to Mavericks to get some carrots." Steph looks at him, "They don't have any carrots." Jonah nods, "Dublin said that after line dancing they have Carrot Oaky, so I was going to get some carrots." Steph replies, "Well from first hand experience they don't have no carrots. Now go back to the pen.”

"Can you tell Fred, I can come tonight." Steph continues toward the gate, seemingly on time, Fred and his big ole bus from the retirement community pulls up and the door opens, Steph yells out, "He can't come out tonight." Fred nods, and closes the door and drives off. Steph slowly turns and starts back to the house. 'Where are these horses coming up with all these weird ideas?' Steph opens the door, three dogs run out, intent on whatever dogs are into this late at night, she walks over to the couch and sits down. Rob looks up "Anything going on?" Steph shakes her head, "Nope mostly quiet, Jonah was going to Mavericks to get some carrots, Oh and I saw that you and Justice had a talk." Rob looks over, "That dumb horse took a shovel and pick from the tool shed, something to do about a tunnel, I told him he had to wear the bell and ribbons til he got half a brain." Steph smiles, "Well the way it looks he will be wearing them for a long time." Rob nods, "Yep, what’s this about carrots?

To be continued.

Author Samm