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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 28

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 28, Tuesday, February 8th at 10am

"Rob I am going out to check on the gang." Rob looks up, "Ok, resolve all the problems before you come back." Steph nods, and heads outside, "It's a quiet night what could possibly going on." Steph glances to the left, Electra is up eating, Steph walks to the Lady's Parlour, Spirit and Jonah appear to be playing catch me if you can, 'B' appears to be judging the activities, Steph turns to the football field, all seems quiet, Steph turns to the back row, as she walks to back row, all is quiet a few are asleep, a few up eating, as Steph walks by General he does a kind of "psst", Steph stops and walks up to the rail, General turns his ears to the left and right, and listens carefully. General leans forward and speaks very quietly to Steph, "Justice is leaving." Steph looks at General, "Are you sure?" General nods. Steph touches General on the forehead, "Do you know where he is going?" General replies, "Well I have heard," he stops and again listens to the left and right, "ahhh, Barstow or Lexington, I don't know where either of them are." Steph nods, "Thanks, Oh, do you know when he plans to leave?" General Shakes his head, "Not really, rumor has it sometime before Tuesday, February 8th at 10am." Steph nods and begins to walk away. Steph stops and turns back, "That is the day we have scheduled Justice to... " General says "SHHH!" Steph Continues, "Well it's when he is" General Stomps the ground. "SHHHH! We don't speak those words." Steph looks at General "We who?" General replies, "Stallions! You are a mare, you wouldn't understand." Steph looks at him, "Ok, Ok, I understand." Steph turns stops and turns back to General, "How do you know I am a mare?" General smiles, "Look at yourself. Watch yourself walk, Look at the way you watch Nikki. You are a mare." Steph nods "Good Observations." General continues, "and look at the way you walk in the mud, oh and not to mention the way you drive your wagon.." Steph breaks in "Ok, Ok, I got it."

Steph continues the route around the back row, all is quiet, she turns to round pens, she walks up to Round Pens, Justice is messing around the middle of the pen, Steph stops at the rail, leans over, "Justice what you up to?" Justice looks up, "Ahhh, nothing." Steph says "Ok, tell me if you are up to something." Justice looks over, "Oh I will." Steph waits knowing that with Justice time yields more answers. Sampson and Ruby make some noise from the front Round Pens, Steph turns, Justice says, "Ahhh, since you are here, I need a See bag, not sure what that is." Steph turns back to Justice, "What are you talking about?" "I heard Nikki talking that she needed to pack her see bag, for her trip. I need to pack up also, and I can't find a big enough Wal-Mart bag." Steph nods, "I think you mean a sea bag." Justice nods "Right a See Bag." Steph shakes her head, "No a Sea Bag." Justice walks over to the rail and looks Steph right in the eye, "Right a See Bag, I don't know what it is but if Nikki needs one, I need one." Steph nods, "I understand but its a Sea Bag, its a large duffle bag type of thing to pack things in, not a See Bag." Justice looks at Steph, "You people have way to many words that sound the same. So what is a 'Sea Bag'?" Steph nods, "Yes I am sure we have to many words. A Sea Bag is a term used to describe a bag used by Sailors to pack their belongs in, for trips on the Sea." Justice nods, "What is the Sea?" He waits a bit then continues "What is a Sailor?" Steph replies, "I will tell you tomorrow." Justice smiles and nods. Steph waits and asks "Who told you need to pack for a trip?" Justice looks at Steph and says "He did." Steph starts to ask 'who', and feels a warm breath on the back of her neck. Steph turns to face Trooper, face to face, just a few inches apart. "Good Evening Trooper." Trooper snorts, "Good Evening." Steph not sure what to say "You told Justice he needs to pack for a trip?" Trooper nods, "Well not really that he needs to pack for a trip, but that he shouldn't be here on Tuesday, February 8th at 10am." Steph nods, as she really understands, "That is the day we have scheduled Justice to get.." Trooper interrupts "WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THAT." Steph nods. "Oh, YES, I understand that part. But Trooper he just can't leave he is a young horse, he can't really take care of himself, in the outside world." Trooper nods, "We, the horses, understand that, the dogs and goat think he can make it. Dublin has taken charge of the problem. So you will need to talk to him." Steph nods and turns and walks back to the house.

As Steph closes the front door, Rob looks up, along with a few dogs, Rob asks "Is everything quiet?", Steph sits down on the couch, pulls up her blankey, "Ahh, pretty quiet, a few games in the lady's parlour, and Justice is trying to pack up to more out." Rob looks over, "He can move out, he is scheduled to get..." Steph raises her hand, "Shhh, We don't talk about those things."

To be continued.

Author Samm