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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good morning everyone,

I sure wish I could give you all some different news regarding the status of her Billowiness but those who are watching the cam can see "No Baby Horse for Yewwwww" yet.....

I took her for a walk yesterday so she the chance to get out for a bit. From there we went back to the maternity wing and she received a grooming. I have managed to groom her tail out which was a big step for Charity. This was the second time, and she was much more relaxed.

I groomed Little Bear, Rosie and Misty. LB is really shedding, he now does not look like a wooley mammoth. Rosie and Misty just enjoyed.

I would like to thank Crystal and Gail for all the bathing and grooming they have done over the last two weekends. Everyone in the Ladies Parlour has been done with the exception of Jerri who will have NO part of this silliness. Besides we do not think she would even fit in the wash rack if you could catch her up. Feed me treats but do not touch me is her motto.

Rob has done a wonderful job with the wash racks and hitching post. Everything is set up in concrete with slabs for them to stand on as well as an area for humans to stand on. We now need to get some gravel for drainage to set around the area but all in due time as other projects must be done. We have done so much in 6 months, which took us six yrs at our last we are working daily with the improvements.

We wish everyone a wonderful Sunday!

Stephanie and Rob