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Stephanie Pierce

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Charity update, 4/15/10

We are making strides with Charity even if a little pocket of grain for enticing is needed.

She was easy to catch up, so that I could groom her. I think the big accomplishment was allowing me to comb out her tail. There was a good size knot but I brushed that out making her tail smooth and fluffy. The stains will come out eventually when we teach her about the wash racks. This too will take time, but progress is there.

Charity is willing to learn, you can see it in her eyes. What beautiful big Doe Brown eyes she has. She is also much more comfortable with me touching her face. I rub my hands over her eyes, and she just stands there.

We will do this again today, once I get morning chores done and whatever needs to be done.

We wish everyone a good day.

Rob and Stephanie

P.S. There is is major ear pinning this morning and some side biting, she is actually staying undr her shade and pinning her ears at the cover. She did a couple of side bitings while Truffles and I were back there. Not interested in seeing us, was unable to look underneath as of yet but will do this later.