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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Morning to All,

Well, Rob has been working on the tractor for days now, breaking and spreading everything. This has made a huge difference for the drainage required from all the rain we received in such a short period of time. The only place we are still unable to do at this point is by the round pen where Charity is located. The Yellow Banana would sink right now, it is very soft there and I mean soft. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN OPERATION EARTH

Charity is getting rounder and rounder each day. She has become quite the talker at meal times. She was so silent when she first arrived but not anymore. She is a big talker now. She is doing wonderfully.

Katie is doing great! She is now bucking, which of course requires a lot of pressure on her front feet to lift the rear. She has become used to the grass hay. Bright is with her and this is quite comical, as Bright despises the grass hay but does eventually walk over and begin eating. It is almost as if she is saying, what me eat that stuff, no way.

Dr. Hadland's recommendation for Katie's feet was the ticket, plus the soaking and constant cleaning. Again she is doing well.

Sophie is beginning to put her weight back on with the Sr. and Rice Bran, again Dr. H's recommendation for the old girl. He said the key is a slow weight gain, never try to rush it because it can create other problems internally.

We are looking forward to a lot of warm we can say "LET THE BATHS BEGIN"

I hope that everyone is doing well and continues to do so. Have a wonderful day!

Rob and Stephanie