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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good morning all,

Today we will begin placing the lights up in the foaling stall as Charity is making some very rapid changes in her appearance. Her bag began to fill early last week and is continuing to do so now.

We have no info as to her foaling process as these PMU mares were just brought up to a field closer to give birth. It was just a surprise for them to see foals next to mamas the next morning.

The muscles around her tail head are slowly slipping away. I went out on a limb just from my observations and past experience last week that we had approximately four weeks. But I do not believe she read the manual, so she may march to a different drummer.

From yesterday morning's feeding to last nigh'ts feeding her bag was even larger. I can't give an exact time, date etc, and I am not going to attempt the foaling strips, could not be a healthy outcome for one of us and I am sure it would not be Charity with issues.

Many of our viewers have been able to watch her grow, and her habits (general) and they are noticing changes as well. with Mary's assistance she will post some educational info regarding birthing of a foal. And our viewers will share what they have observed. Charity has had her feet done, so that is one less thing we have to worry about. She does not like to be caught up, moves away but when she has been caught, she is very sweet.


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Stephanie and Rob