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MHR PMU horses

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring to All!

This last week has been so very very busy. We have been working on mini projects to accomplish before the big one begins. It is the small ones that get you in trouble and seem to put you behind. But the big ones get done and we overlook the small ones that need to be done as well.

It is beautiful here, I need it to be warmer so I can bath General out. He has more mud on him from the rains and it is too difficult to just curry out. I tried and it was too uncomfortable for him. So lets hope for the 80's this coming week. I do not want him damp whatsoever by nightfall. Guess I could blow dry

You can tell Spring is in the air! Horses are frisky and happy. Bouncing, running, bucking - the gambit.

This is our little/Big Justice's first Easter, he hears the buzzing and has even witnessed a real live bunny in his stall. He just watched totally fascinated. His feathers are really growing in, and he is becoming quite the beautiful young horse.

We love the new place, and we still have so much to do on the exterior of the house but it will happen. We accomplished so very much in December while we were sick on the inside, you cannot even tell it is a 20 yr old home thanks to all of you and the xmas Home Depot card and my parents.

Charity is growing wider with each passing day, and I am beginning to monitor her closely. We need to get the lights up in the foaling stall. We have to figure out an electrical problem we are having, but we will.

We have been putting together a chicken coop all out of scrap material which we have had on property. We have not had to buy a thing except two boxes of self tapping screws and a roll of welding wire. Then MHR will have its chicken safe and the eggs will be flowing for Lucy.

Everyone have a great day and thank you ever so much for your support. You are providing everything the horses need which is food and your love from afar.


Stephanie & Rob