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MHR PMU horses

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Friday, May 6, 2011

May 5, 2011

Hi There!

I do hope that the following will clarify the placement in the project areas. Everyone already knows which horses are in the the FB and the LP. We are attempting to name the new areas as well. The new area on the East Side will house the following: CB, Misty, Emmett, Honey, Ginger and Charity(quiet group). This area needs a classy name. The new area to the South of of the Rp, houses Justice, Casper, Blondie, Violette(My personal horse) and Annie. (This area needs a name as well).

There are only going to be a few stalls, and they will house the following horses as they do not have the ability both physical and mental capacity to go in with others and their ages prevent it. They already have large stalls, but they will be given even larger ones.

Baby, LB, General, Brassy, Old Man, and Ruby, Sampson & Bright (they will house together) as they are buds.

Electra will be living in the Maternity Stall, as she is going to be undergoing a redo on her Hernia Surgery on the 16th of this Month. Her body rejected materials that were utilized in the first surgery. She is in zero pain, and HAS been seen by the vet. Desert Pines Equine Center will be performing the surgery again, and are being wonderful about all of this. It is unfortunate that her body rejected the materials, but this can happen to animals as well as humans. So for the time being she will be going between the rp and the maternity wing. However, post op she will be in Doc Wilburs Maternity Wing, until further notice from our Veterinarians.

With this new layout, flies will be at a minimum...which is wonderful. With any livestock there is a matter of flies. Even with the chickens, but they are quick and grab the flies. So it is beneficial for the horses.

So, with all the changes taking place at the facility, we will be giving you little previews, but once ALL is completed then we will have the video to show it all.

We would like to thank everyone for your support and patience. Rome was not built in a day and this last year has been filled with family members undergoing surgeries, and illnesses including myself, and just everyday life and on top of everything else our daughter being deployed on the USS Carl Vinson (GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS) and the worries of how this has affected our grandchildren. But, many of these changes are taking place from sun up to sun down, with two of us doing the work, it is not a face pace move but it is being accomplished. Once again, thank you ever so much, for everything and if you wish to donate to our ongoing need for hay, you may visit our website, blog and click on the DONATE icon. Your support DOES, HAS and WILL make a difference in the lives of the horses at Miracle Horse Rescue & Sanctuary.

Stephanie and Rob