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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 45

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 45, One Small White Flower

Steph stands up, "I don't need to watch this it’s an old episode anyways." Rob nods, "Don't know who came up with the idea of 'Gator Hunters versus Lumberjacks." Steph says, "I am going to check on the horses." Steph looks around at the dogs to see if anyone wants to come with her, most go back to sleep, Moo thinks a bit, and walks over to Steph, then Truffles gets up, and walks over, Steph waits, seems like the rest have had enough adventures for one day. As Steph leaves, she grabs her jacket, it is a bit cooler tonight, she heads to the maternity ward, with the moving of the horses/mules today it will be good to see how everyone is doing tonight. Electra and Ruby are standing in the back of the pen, not really next to each other both close enough you can tell they are giving each other comfort and some space. As they pass the pen, Moo and Truffles decide its time to run in front and play chest bump, and nearly trip Steph, "You two stop that, or its back to the house for both of you." Being the good dogs they are, they continue by running ahead a bit, the diving into each other. Steph shakes her head, dodges the pile of dogs and nears the turn out.

Steph stops and looks around, Justice is at the far end, Casper at the near end, with Violette, Blondie and Annie in the middle. Justice is looking at Casper, Casper is looking at Justice. Steph walks up to the rail, Steph starts to ask what they are doing, but Casper takes off for the far end of the turnout, Justice waits til the last second and runs to the near end and they both stop and look at each other. The mares in the middle of the turnout are shaking their heads. Seems like they have picked the perfect spot as to not have to get out of the way, when Justice and Casper are running about. Steph says, "Casper, Justice come here." Justice heads to Steph, Casper lingers a bit. "Casper come here." He nods and heads to Steph. As they both approach Steph she asks, "What are you two doing?" Justice is the first to reply, "I don't know. I think its a game, but I don't know the rules." Casper butts in, "He keeps trying to steal my mares!" Steph nods, "Casper they aren't your mares." Casper looks at Steph, "If'n I get the mares, they are mine. That is what Stallions do." Steph walks over closer to Casper, and motions for him to come closer, she whispers in Casper’s ear, "Casper, you are not a Stallion, you are a gelding." Casper looks at Steph, turns and looks at Justice, then he turns and looks at the mares. "You got to be kidding me." Steph reaches through the rail and rubs Casper’s nose. "That’s right, you don't need to collect mares anymore, and Justice is no threat, he is a" She whispers in Casper’s ear, "a gelding also." Casper kicks the ground, "Does that mean at meal time I have to share?" Steph shakes her head, "No meal times are a open game." Casper nods. Justice nods, "Can I get a hat for the parade." Steph turns to Justice "Where did you hear about the hats?", Justice walks up, "Its all over the ranch, aunties, and others are buying hats for us for the parade." Steph nods, "Well we will have to see."

Steph turns to leave the turnout, Moo and Truffles have wondered off some place, she heads to the back row, Sampson and Bright are in their new pen, one on each side, but seems they are accepting the new accommodations. General is standing quietly, as are Baby and LB, all seems quiet, Steph walks past the newest turnout, Charity is still off to one side but the others are grouped at one end, and all are resting.

Steph heads up to the Football Field, under the light of the nearly full moon and with the aid of her Mag-Lite 2200, she sees one small white flower, something the tractors had missed. She reaches down and picks the little flower, it can't more than a half an inch across, but it has red and blue lines running around the edges, she turns off the flash light and looks at it, seeing it only under the moonlight, "This will do perfectly." She approaches the Football Field, and goes in, she doesn't normally want to bother the horses, this late at night, but tonight is different. Most of the horses are standing apart, a few next to each other. She walks to the middle of the pen, nearly the center, and places the small flower on the ground. As she stands there, all the horse walk toward her and stop. Steph lowers her head, and says "Thank you, Simba Marie, for bringing light to our hearts, run free." Steph turns and walks out of the pen, each horse lowers their head, then watch Steph as she leave the Football Field.

Steph walks over to the Lady's Parlour, as she nears the rail, both Dublin and Jerri, walk up followed by the others. As Steph puts her hands on the rail, both Dublin and Jerri say, "Thank you." Steph looks up, Dublin says "Are you crying?" Steph says, "A little bit." Dublin reaches over the top rail, and gentle kisses Steph on the top of her head.

As Steph enters the front door, Rob looks over, "Have you been crying,” Steph responds "Only a little bit."

To Be Continued
Author Samm