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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 44

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 44, Sink of Mayo

Steph turns off the TV, stands up, "Rob I am going to check on the horse's", Rob nods, as he heads to the bedroom. Steph looks around at the dogs, to see if any of them want to join her, 'Hmmm, doesn't look hopeful.' and heads out the door. A quick look at Ginger in the Maternity Ward, she heads to the Lady's Parlour. Dublin must be on the other side of the pen, since 'B' and Spirit are on the near end. "Good evening." Spirit look at Steph "Good Evening." Steph looks around, "Where is Jonah?" 'B' looks over her shoulder, and looks back to Steph "Oh, he is out on a mission." Steph nods, "Do you know what his mission is?" 'B' shakes her head. Steph asks "Who knows about his mission." Both 'B' and Spirit look back at Dublin. Steph yells out "Dublin come here please." As Dublin heads to Steph, 'B' and Spirit head in different directions to clear a way for Dublin. Dublin gives them both a look and stops in front of Steph. Steph says, "Good evening, I understand that Jonah is on a mission." Dublin nods, "Yes, gave him a mission so we can celebrate tomorrow." Steph thinks for awhile, "What are you celebrating?" Dublin looks at her, "It is an old horse tradition to celebrate our Mexican heritage. Did you know that the Spanish brought horses back to this land. It was a long time ago." Steph says, "Yes it was long ago. So what is Jonah's mission?" Dublin looks around making sure no horses are listening, "He is looking for a pumpernickel." Steph looks at him, "A what?" Dublin says "Its a P something, its been a long time since we had one. Its filled with treats, and its fun to break for the younger horses." Steph thinks a bit, "Oh, you mean a piñata." Dublin nods "Yes that is it." Steph smiles "So where is Jonah?" Dublin, looks around, "I don't know for sure, he is around some place."

Steph turns to the Football Field and looks around nothing out of the normal. She heads to the back of the ranch keeping her eyes open for Jonah, the back row is quiet, the RP is quiet, Electra and Bright are standing next to each other, both sound asleep, the new turn out seems quiet, but Justice keeps looking at Casper, 'Guess still a few problems between them.'

Still no sign of Jonah, she turns to return to the house, and spots a horse on the patio, as she get closer, she recognizes Jonah. 'Wonder what is going on?' As she approaches the patio, and Jonah is standing looking in the door. "Jonah what are you doing?" Jonah looks over his shoulder at Steph "Waiting for Rob person." Steph looks through the door and doesn't see Rob. "What are you waiting for?" Jonah says, "He is making a pumpernickel for me." Steph nods, "I think you mean a piñata." Jonah looks back inside, "Oh, I hope he knows what I meant. There is probably a difference between a pumpernickel and a piñata." As both Steph and Jonah are looking inside, Rob leaves the kitchen, carrying a brown paper bag, appears he has used a few markers to color it a bit. Steph says, "What you got there?" As Rob finishes tying a string to the top of the bag he says, "Ahhh, its a pumpernickel." Jonah says "Steph person says I need a piñata." Rob nods, "its the same thing, both have treats and you break them open." Jonah smiles as he takes the bag from Rob. He turns and heads back to the Lady's Parlour. As Jonah heads out, Rob yells after him, "Happy Sink of Mayo" Steph looks at him, "Sink of what?" Rob says, "That is what he called their celebration."

"Rob you are such a softy" and pats him on the shoulder as she passes. "Hey I thought I came up with the right thing once Jonah explained what he needed." Steph closes the door, "Rob you did wonderful." Lets go to bed.

To be continued.
Author Samm