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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - A horse's tail - Chapter 10

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 10, Oh, what a day.

Steph wakes up, rolls over and looks at Rob, he is sound asleep. "Let him sleep in." Steph gets up, and walks to the kitchen and starts the coffee.

The coffee finishes, Steph looks at the clock, 6 AM, she pours a cup and sits down. Laid out on the table, are Steph's notes she made yesterday, what the Doctor said, what the medications are and what the doses are.

Steph says out loud, "Boy what a day we had yesterday." Bruno looks up, yawns, and stands up. He walks over to Steph, Bruno lays his head on Steph's leg and she reaches down and pets his neck. He says "Electra took a bus to the Horsepital."

Steph replies, "Yes she did, how did you know?" "Well, Electra told Little Bear, who told Justice, who told Spirit, and Spirit told me last night." Steph asks, "Why didn't Electra tell you? You visit her every night." Bruno says "Oh, I don't understand baby horse talk." waggin his tail as he looks up.

"Oh, I guess I understand." Steph continues, "Why did it take so many horses to relay it to Spirit, they are all out there." Bruno still waggin his tail, "Well it was windy yesterday, Horse talk does not go that far, when its windy. It's like smell for dogs, when it's windy, smell moves around, kinda like."

He takes his right front paw and moves it forward, then to the right and left. "Pffft, Smell gone." Mama dog looks up, "Enough animal behavior, Stupid Dog." Bruno looks over, smiles and wags his tail even harder. "Oh oh, and the Mini Lady came by and fed the horses and the baby people was here and we played with her."

Steph nods, "Yes we asked them to help when we took Electra to the Horsepital." Bruno looks up, "What is a Horsepital?" Steph looks down at Bruno and smiles, "It's where the horses go to fix boo-boos that we can't fix here." Bruno looks up, "Like stickers in my foot?" Steph smiles, "Well a bit more serious than a sticker."

Bruno nods, "Two stickers?" Steph says, "Well a bit more serious than two stickers, but she has a boo-boo that has to be fixed first, before she can be operated on." Bruno nods as if he understands.

"Does Electra get smelly stuff, like Sophie?" Steph smiles, "Don't think it's smelly, but yes, she also got some medicine at the Horsepital. Speaking of that I need to fix up her medicine before we go out to feed."

Bruno looks up, "I love smelly stuff." Steph gets up, takes a bottle from the table, and walks into the kitchen, "Twenty tablets, mixed in water and put in a syringe, yes that will work. Bruno, let's go feed the horses." Bruno jumps up, and heads for the door, where five other dogs are up and ready.

Each horse is visited, fed, water checked and each looked at. All is well, Emmett appears fine, Sophie is very responsive, and happy to have breakfast. All are finished up, Steph walks up to Electra's Pen, she picks up a large flake of hay, turns to walk in the pen, "Baby what is wrong with you?" Electra Whinnies.

Steph turns to the left, Justice, whinnies, Spirit whinnies, LB whinnies. Steph looks over to Bruno, "What was that all about?", Bruno, happy to be the middle man, ahh, dog, "She said she is hungry, but she feels fine, other than being at the Horsepital, and being stuck and poked, and the trip on the bus, and bumping the hoof guy, which she didn't mean to."

Steph says, "She said all that with only one whinny?" Bruno says, "She said more but I missed a part of it." Steph nods, "Well, let's get this taken care of." Steph goes in the pen, drops the hay, and reaches in pocket of her hoodie for the digital thermometer, "Well babe, we have to do this." keeping one hand scratching her. Steph inserts the thermometer, Electra doesn't really notice as it seems the hay tastes good, Steph waits the required 60 seconds and pulls it out.

Placing the cover on the thermometer, she reaches in the hoodie pocket again and pulls out the syringe, "Let's see how well this goes.", Steph reaches down and pulls Electra's head up, fiddles with her lips, and pushes the syringe in her mouth. Electra plays with it for a bit then Steph pushes the plunger. Electra makes the ewww bad face, but it goes down. Electra turns back the hay.... "Well that worked well." Steph smiles.

Steph leaves the pens, "Bruno, let's go update her chart." Bruno waggin his tail, "What's a chart?" Steph thinks a bit, "Its a people thing to keep track of Electra's health." Bruno runs to the house, not having any idea what Steph meant, but happy.

"Well let's go see how Rob is doing." Steph heads to the house, all the horses seem well, Electra seems to have survived the adventures of yesterday well.

To be continued.

Author: SAMM