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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A horse's tail, Chapter 9

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 9, I had the weirdest dream last night.

Rob rolls over and looks at Steph, "Stephanie, I had the weirdest dream last night." Steph turns and looks out the window, the sun is just peeking over the mountains. "What was the dream about?" Rob halfway smiles, "Well the horses all dressed up in costumes and we gave them treats."

Steph smiles, "Yes that is pretty weird. Maybe it was too much sauce on your pasta last night?" "Yeah that might be it." Steph gets up, "I am going to get some coffee."

Steph walks into the living room, dogs asleep in all the corners, all seems well. She glances at the table, there are two Wal-Mart bags laying there. Thinking to herself "Maybe I should hide them, maybe it was a dream." As the coffee if brewing, Steph looks over to Bruno, sound asleep, with a small Wal-Mart bag between his front legs.

"Well I guess Rob needs to know the truth, well part of it." Steph pours a cup of coffee, and sits down. Rob comes into the kitchen and sits down, "What are these, wait a sec. 'B' gave them to us last night. It wasn't a dream."

Steph said, "No it wasn't a dream. Or at least I don't think it was." Rob said, "Have you looked in the bags?" Steph looks at him, "No, been afraid of what maybe inside them." She reaches forward and gets the bag closest to her and opens it and looks inside. "This must be yours." "Why?" "There is a Hoof Rasp inside."

They trade bags, and look inside. Rob goes first, and pulls out the hoof rasp, then a book, Rob reads the title out loud "126 Things to build on a Ranch using a welder." Rob grins, "I have been wanting to buy this book, I hear it is great." He reaches back into the bag, and pulls out a left front horse shoe, reaches in again and pulls out a right front horse shoe, "Oh my word They are Spirit's first shoes, and they are bronzed."

Farriers have a way of remembering those kind of things. Carefully he places them on the table and reaches in the bag again. He pulls out what appear to be two tickets "hmmm, wonder what these are?" He turns them over, smiles and reads them out loud "Two free horse washes at the Chicken Ranch." Steph reaches over and takes them. Rob says, "Wait, those could come in handy.", "Well for someone I am sure, not you."

Steph says, quickly changing the subject "What else is in the bag?" Rob opens the bag and looks inside, "Well lets see, ahhh, two carrots, a cookie, I think left over from the 4th of July, and ahhh, let me see." Rob reaches in and pulls out a betting slip. Steph sits up, "Oh, no.", Rob looks at her, "What do you mean?", "Ahh, I will tell you someday.", Rob turns the slip of paper to be able to read it, "Giants to win, the world series in 5 games. Did the Giants win?"

Steph puts her head in her hands, "I hope so." Rob looks puzzled, "What’s in your bag?", Steph opens the bag, and looks inside. Steph smiles. "Let’s see, a book, ahhh, 327 Pasta and sauce recipes for the home." "hmmm" Rob asks "What else?" Steph looks inside and pulls a small photo album, she opens it, the first picture is of Faith and Justice, she closes the book, and says "I will look at this later." Rob says "What else is in the bag?" Steph opens the bag all the way.

"Let’s see, an apple, and looks like a cookie, and two small boxes of Special K." Steph smiles, Rob asks, "Are you going to explain all this to me?" "I will, let’s go feed the horses."

They walk outside, and Rob points to a bright red wagon sitting next to the banana, "Look at that." Steph looks over, "Dang, it is still has the beer on board..." Rob asks "What are we going to do with the wagon?" "Forget the wagon, what are we going to do with 30 cases of Budweiser?"

Steph says, "Lets feed the horses, I will tell you about the last couple of weeks.." They both turn to the Ladies Parlour, and make the rounds. As they finish up with Electra, they walk to the house, Rob asks, "Who the heck is Fred the goat?" Steph, stops and turns to Rob, "Rob, I have no idea, she appears to be a nanny goat that likes to drive horses around town."

Rob shakes his head, "Goats can't drive." Steph, "Well from firsthand experience, I can tell you she can drive a bus, well at least a small one." Rob shakes his head again, "I need to get to work." Steph nods and walks inside.

Steph walks up to the table on opens the little photo album, and looks at the second photo, its a picture of Charity and Electra. Steph closes the small book, and sits down and logs onto the computer, "Hey All, all are fed and happy." "Morning, Stephanie.", "Good Morning, Steph.", "Hey Steph."... Steph thinks for awhile, "Happy Halloween, we celebrated Halloween last night, it was great."

Steph pushes her chair back "I have chores to do." Bruno looks up, "Did you hear about the winter coats?" Steph looks at him, "What do you mean." "Well Fred says the horses need Winter Coats, Not sure what she means." Steph looks at Bruno, "When did you hear this?" Bruno looks up, "Oh, this morning when we went out and looked around. Spirit told Fred and he told us." Steph says "Fred was here early morning?" "Oh, yes, she was here, but had to leave and return the bus."

Steph thinks to herself, "Winter Coats? Wonder what they are thinking." Bruno says, "Go ask them."

Steph pushes herself up, and walks to the door, "hmmm, I wonder if this is another adventure...", as she steps outside she sees Rob pushing the red wagon into a place next to the banana...

Steph walks back to the back pens, and walks up to Spirit, Spirit is eating hay, maybe two mouthful's at time, Steph says, "Spirit what is this about Winter Coats?" Spirit looks up, spits out a bit of hay, "It's getting colder, all horses need a winter coat.", Steph looks at him, "Spirit, horses grow a winter coat, when it gets colder." Spirit looks up, "pffft, we need winter coats." Steph looks at him, "I don't think you understand, Horses, that means you and everyone else, grow a Winter Coat."

Spirit looks up again and for a second time spits out a bit of hay, "No you don't understand we need Winter Coats. We will get them.", "Well sounds like you have a plan.", Spirit looks up, this time continuing to eat, "Nope we are thinking about it, Bruno had an idea, about killing bears, but I think we decided against that."

To be continued.

Author SAMM

Thank you Samm for keeping everything rolling as Lucy says. Lets get that HAY and Have FUN Doing it!