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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday evening, November 8, 2010

Well, today has been quite the day..

The initial exam by the Vet Technicians revealed that Electra had a temp of 102.8. She had no signs of any kind that something may be wrong. They were hoping her temp was due to having a long trailer ride, as this does occur on occasion. Her white blood cell count was higher than they wanted. They (the vets) do not like to see it above 12,000 and hers was at 15,000. Dr. Schur did not want to put her through any added stress, so the surgery has been postponed until the 22nd of November.

Electra underwent a very thorough examination by Dr. Schur. Electra was an excellent patient.

Electra was given the following:

IV Injection of Banamine 4cc
IV Injection of Gentocin 14cc
IM Injection of Penicillin 11-20cc

Home medication Doxycyline 100mg Tabs- 500 count. She must receive 20 tabs orally 2 x/day for ten days. We must monitor the manure and if any diarrhea is noted, discontinue the antibiotics and call Dr. Hadland for consultation.

Temperature is to be taken 2 x day and if greater than 102 give 1 gram of bute 24hrs: If temperature persists 102 for 3 days call DP for a consultation. Recheck CBC in 10 days.

Her temp this evening @ 5:18pm was 101.8

We will be monitoring and following Dr. Schur's instruction.

Thank you so very much for all your support.

Stephanie and Rob