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MHR PMU horses

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday evening, 1/13/10

Good Evening All,

First I would like to say thank you for your continued support of the horses of Miracle Horse Rescue. We would also like to extend our gratitude for your moral support during my recovery.

Yes, I do hurt but this will pass with time, but the thought of your support will always be with us. Okay, I am going to say this as this was a life changing event for me. I have never worn a helmet, I am an adult and that was my choice and my choice alone. Since this incident with my Candy, I am going to purchase myself a helmet (hmmm, maybe some body armor as well) I have childrens helmets here as I would never allow my grandbabies to ride now grammy is going to wear one. Lesson learned!!!!

The broken rib stinks, the punctured lung stinks, but again I am grateful they did not have to tube the lung. I have seen this done and I had no desire to have that done to me. I underwent CATSCAN AND MRI with contrast. Me being claustrophobic I thought great, but you know loopy meds make you not care.

There was a huge screw up at the pharmacy yesterday, so I went without pain meds last night...OY (one of my fav words) I did get up at 12:15 and tried the couch and even the recliner but there was no getting around it. Oh well, on the road to recovery and that is what counts. BUT..the lesson for all of us here that no matter how gentle the horse, no matter how good a rider you are, GOOD THINGS can and do go BAD in an instant. Please let me be a lesson to you all, as I have learned.

At this time I would like to thank Gina and Crystal for being here and being thrown into running the ranch. They did an excellent job. I do feel very badly that their trip was not as planned due to my oops, but having them here eased my mind (even in its altered state). I know that it was quite an education for them, but I would trust these ladies with our horses anytime. I do give them a standing ovation for their outstanding care!

Well, that is the gist of it all, and today all is normal. The dogs stayed with me all day, especially Abby and Ewtie. Gotta love them.

Again, thank you everyone!

Stephanie and Rob