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MHR PMU horses

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Tuesday Morning,

Well, this past Sunday was the first trip for me off the ranch since my accident. Rob and I spent a wonderful day together, but then everyday we have together is great. We mixed business and pleasure. Bev actually was on my day trip with me via telephone while Rob was taking care of business. I walked around the facility we were at, and Bev got to hear all the animal sounds as I encountered little cows who were more than happy to lick your hand seeking treats. Our next stop was to look at the little goats which I happen to think are adorable. There were Angora, and Pygmy Goats and then a cross breed of Pygmy and Angora which let me tell you is just too cute. I knelt down and was feeding then scraps of hay and their little mouths were moving so quick to grab at the stems and making lip smacking noises and talking up a storm. All of which Bev heard.

I then encountered two beautiful yearlings, they are the equivalent of Spirit and Baby B. I watched the little colt who found the big water puddle in the arena walk up to it and began splashing the water on himself. The filly was at his right hip, and was tossing her head around as water was being splashed on her. Then all of sudden the colt dropped down and rolled in the water and mud. I laughed so hard, and he thought himself beautimous. It was a very good day.

Monday was very busy around here. Moved horses around, feet done etc. Put Candy in the Ladies Parlour, she gave everyone the stink eye, wringing her tail and snorty. She and Jerri challenged one another, both bowed up and neither would back down. So I guess there is a mutual respect. At feeding time there were no problems, they all went to their feed without incident.

We did get rain last week, so things are still sloppy, however the entire valley is in the same boat. Vegas actually got more rain than we did. Now we have wait for things to dry up, drag out stalls and then construction of shades can begin. Really can't set posts and cement in a muddy mess.

We wish everyone a Safe and Happy week!

Stephanie and Rob