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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Morning Everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the pictures. This is what happens when we get rain. We do not get it often, rain that is, and the horses just seem to go a bit bananas so to speak. I watched Dublin several times yesterday looking for the best spot and when he found it he rolled like a wild man creating his own spa treatment.

Old Man had a great nap, he just does things at his own pace. When he awakened, everyone of course bowed down to him. He is the man in charge of the FB Field. I have really never seen him go after any of the horses, but it is a respect thing. Now he and JD play every morning, JD is the only one that he does this with. This will go on for a good half hour.

Little Bear and Bright are quite the item. Little Bear yesterday evening had his head resting on her back, and of course I did not have my camera with me. When she snoozes, he stands over her.

Yesterday morning when I was out feeding as I approached Spirit and Baby B, there Spirit was on his front knees, hiney waayyy up in the air contemplating a roll in a wet spot, however when he saw me he bounced up and began talking for his feed. They are both such cuties..but I think I have a soft spot for them.

Justice as well loves the mud and water. I caught him staring into a puddle yesterday, and then all of sudden he took his big clod hopper and splashed the puddle. Almost as saying, go away little horse I am the baby.

Muffin and Charity are doing well together. Even though they appear to be avoiding one another, I know that they are comfortable with each other. Charity is doing very well, she has really accomplished her goal of putting on weight. She looks wonderful and appears to be feeling good as well. With each day that passes her little one is growing within and you can see her growing wider and wider.

A special note: We are going to be taking a waiting list for the adoption of her foal when it is weaned. The sire is a grey Percheron/TB cross, and Charity is a Draft Cross. We have been informed that all his foals in the past have liked to jump. But who knows with this little one. We anticipate her foaling between April and June. So when it happens it happens. If you are interested in possibly adopting this little one please do not hesitate to contact us. This foal will have the basics taught to it. Leading, tying, feet being done, etc. prior to adoption.

We wish everyone a good safe!

Stephanie and Rob