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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mr. Bean

Good Morning to Everyone!

There is something I would like to share with all of you. As we have stated publicly on our website and here, we were not taking in any more horses at this time due to the economy and it would have to be a extreme case. Well, as I write this, we have a special little fella headed our way.

We were approached a few weeks ago by an FOB who ten years ago rescued a Pony from auction, Mr. Bean, aka Freddy. Mr. Bean suffers from Heaves, a breathing disorder we are quite familiar with. For ten years, she loved and cared for him, but as time progressed the molds and spores of the area were taking their toll on him. Her vet advised her he either needed to move out west or be humanely put down. She contacted MHR&S.

With the information she provided me, I immediately forwarded this information to our advisory board (which is comprised of FOBs) for their advice and recommendations with all of them having a full understanding of the economy and the cost of feed. It was a united front and they said take him in! During this time, his attending veterinarian and our veterinarian have spoken extensively via telephone and our vet has received his medical records via the internet for review.

We have had experience with Heaves as we have received two horses from OH and PA who suffered from this. Both were older horses, and they both lived out the remainder of their lives breathing easy. In fact, Cowboy was adopted out a little over a year later to a family whose daughter suffered from asthma and he lived out the remainder of his life with them. He passed at the age of 32. Buttercup who was in her late 20s when she arrived lived with us until her passing in her 30s. Both breathing easy.

I applaud Mr. Bean's owner for giving him the gift of life...the 3rd chapter of his life, and for giving him all the love and care she did. It was difficult for her to say so long, but she did. He is in the best transporter's hand right now, and as of this morning is doing great. They are highly experienced professionals. Mr. Bean has his own stall and is happy to have other companions with him. They are presently on a layover and should be moving along within the next few hours, with Nevada being their first stop.

I would like to also take a moment to thank our Advisory Board for not only discussing this but for making contact with Mr. Bean's owner. They have classified him as our "Medical Emergency" a "Pony in Need." As his owner said, he has so much life and was not ready to say farewell to his place on earth, but he needed a place where he could breathe and not be afflicted with allergies. As her vet stated he needs to move out west.

So we hope that you will join us in welcoming Mr. Bean aka Freddy into our family. We anxiously await his arrival.

Thank you to all who have given him this.