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Stephanie Pierce

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Freddy's check up

Freddy received his post trip exam by Dr Hadland and received TWO HOOVES UP!

Dr. Hadland and I went over all documentation received..allergies etc., past treatment so on and so forth which was all good.

He (Dr. Hadland) stated our dry environment is the best place for him. He is in great shape for his age. He said that once he sheds out we may see what he called heave lines. This is muscle that has formed due to the way he breathed. This he stated is not unusual and not to be alarmed. When it comes times for shedding he said "Stephanie, have a good time" He will probably be the first to shed out. Oh and Freddy is allergic to cat dander, but we are a kitty free zone. Not by our choice, but the choice of the dogs.

Thank you once again to Freddy's mom for opening a new chapter in his life.