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MHR PMU horses

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hi All,

Everything is going well here. We are fast approaching our tenth anniversary in operation next month. We have had our fair share of dismal weather just as the rest of the country has had, but of course Mother Nature has her own ideas, and nothing we can do.

Electra is doing great, as everyone can watch on our cam. The rest of the horses are doing very well. Glory has been the horse of the month, and we have had her on cam at various times. Well, as of last night we do have someone who has shown a high degree of interest in her. So they are going to come over within next few days when their schedule permits to spend some time with her. They are also willing to send her to the trainer we highly recommended as we have had excellent service and outcome from him, to have her finished, as we have started her.

Had a wonderful visit with Diane and Shannon as we always do, but this time was very special.

We are looking forward to our visit with Ro, LindaS and Susan E in March. Lots to catch up on in all of our lives.

Wanted to say Hi to All, outside of chat, and to wish you all a Blessed New Year!