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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 25

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 25, Moo and the Commandos.

A noise awakes Steph, she turns over and looks at the clock, 3:30 AM, she listens, not sure what woke her, could have been a car or truck, or a dog. She listens no sounds, except what sounds like some muffled mumbling. She gets up and very quietly walks toward the living room, the noise becomes more evident as she gets closer. Steph stops just short of the living room, sounds like the TV and a mixture of dog voices. As she listens she can hear Truffles, Moo, Bruno, and Adrian talking. "I can hear the Chihuahuas", "They are lurking in the background.", "They have on their camo uniforms.", "little binoculars.", "and are low crawling through the grass.", "keeping watch on everything."

Steph steps into the living room, the dogs look up from a map laying on the floor. Steph says, "What are you guys up to? And what are you watching on TV?" Bruno replies, "We are watching History Channel and planning our defense from the Chihuahuas." Steph sits down on the floor and looks at the map, she see a roughly drawn map of the ranch. Steph looks around at the dogs sitting around the map, "So what is the plan?" Bruno very carefully points around the map, "We have the Chihuahuas on this side, and we must defend the horses here and here." Moo, Looks up, "I am going to lead a counter attack at dawn." Steph looks at Moo, "You are." Moo nods.

Steph stands up, "Well guys, you can't attack until the General in charge of the ranch approves the plans." They all look at her, Bruno replies "Who is the General in charge?" Steph says, "I am the General in charge. Show me the plans tomorrow, and I need details, formations, scouting reports, and any other intelligence reports you have." Bruno nods, and begins to roll up the map. Steph looks around, "Where is the remote for the TV?" Truffles walks over and picks up the remote and hands it to Steph. Steph turns off the TV, and walks to the bedroom, she turns "NO attacks, until I approve the plan.", The four dogs nods and return to their beds. Bruno places the map under this bed. Steph puts the remote under her pillow, "Well this is going to be fun or ...."

Steph rolls over, feels a lump under her pillow, reaches under the pillow and pulls out the remote for the TV. She sits up, "Well I guess it wasn't a dream." She gets up, grabs her robe, looks around and spies her bunny slippers. She walks into the living room, the TV is on tuned to National Geo Channel, the dogs are all asleep. Steph looks around "Ahh, there it is." She reaches behind the sleeping Truffles, and picks up another TV remote, one of those with big number buttons. She puts it in her pocket, steps over a couple of dogs and starts to make some coffee.

Jason knocks on the door, "I have finished feeding and water, I think I am done for this morning, unless you have something else this morning." Steph replies, "I think we are good til this evening, see you then." As Jason leaves the dogs wonder in the house. Some head for the food, some for their beds. Bruno lifts up his bed, and pulls out a stack of maps and papers, and walks over to Steph. "We have finished the plans." Steph reaches down and takes the maps from Bruno, and puts them on the table. She spreads them out, some are marked as defense, some attack, some patrol, red lines, large arrows, weather conditions for the next week. "Where did you get all this information?" Bruno starts, but Truffles interrupts, "Intelligence reports from the front and spies we have." Steph nods. "Very impressive. So what is the battle plan?" Both Adrian and Bruno put the paws up on the table, being the two that can reach the table. Adrian says "Well, if weather conditions are favorable, Truffles and Moo will alternate patrols of the battle line, if they see the enemy, they will return here and report." Bruno jumps in "They will do this during the daylight hours, and at night, depending on what’s on the TV, they will patrol the area."

Steph nods, "So when do you plan to put this plan in to affect?" Bruno looks over, "Oh, as soon as you approve the plan." Steph nods, "Did you guys have help with these plans, and the maps and other things?" Bruno looks around to the other dogs, "Ahhh, no we did this all our selves." Mama Dog looks past Steph to Rob standing in the doorway. Steph looks at the dogs, "OK the first part of the plan is approved, but no attacks until I approve." The four dogs look at Steph and nod, Truffles runs out the door, apparently she was assigned the first patrol.

Steph turns to Rob, "Did you have anything to do with all this?" Rob looks over, "What?" Steph turns to him, "The maps, the plans, the Chihuahuas?" Rob reaches for his cup of coffee, "Nope not me."

To Be Continued.

Author : SAMM