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MHR PMU horses

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good morning to all,

Dr. Hadland is coming today to look at Katie. She has continuing problems with abscesses and we are afraid the coffin bone may be involved. Dr. Hadland will take x-rays.

I just looked outside and Katie is standing, bearing all her weight on the front. I truly hope it is just an abscess. I would love for her to have perfect hooves, but Katie has never been a sound horse according to Dr. H., as he has seen her long before she arrived here as she had been ridden. Sad but true.

Let us hope for the best and then let her live out the remainder of her life with dignity.

We were looking at all of horses yesterday, and let it be known that the horses we have at our facility presently have various issues, from physical to some mental w/physical disabilities combos. The only two actual physically sound horses we have are Charity and Jerri, however they do have mental baggage due to the industry they were subjected to. The aged horses we have that can be considered for adoption, it is their age that makes them undesirable to most individuals. So in a nut shell, all of our horses will live out the remainder of their lives with us. They will receive love & care. The majority of the horses were not born with these disabilities they were created by man and then cast off like an old shoe.

We appreciate everyone who supports MHR in our efforts to provide for the horses here. Unfortunately, due to the financial constraints that we are under as well as the vast majority of other rescues, we can only take in extreme emergency cases. At this time we have not been faced with this. We do receive call from individuals with horses they can no longer care for, but through our network we have been able to find placement for these horses in good homes, as the owners of the horse is able to make personal contact with the placement home and it is their decision at that time.

Again many thanks for your assistance bless you all.

Stephanie and Rob