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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good Morning All,

Well, we have some drizzling going on, but nothing major. It appears though that many of you have some really harsh weather going on in your areas. Keep warm and safe, if you do not have to go out, don't.

We had some good progress for Katie yesterday. First thing she did was make every attempt to avoid me when giving her bute. She received two grams (per Dr. Hadland), as I have told many of you when they aren't feeling real well they can appear to be just so very calm and sweet. Once, they begin the healing process and are beginning to feel a little better, the real personality begins to reveal itself...LOL She does have a pushy side. :) While soaking her feet yesterday, the abscess on her right foot finally gave way and the Epsom salts and betadine started drawing out the infection. Since we have two different pails to soak in at same time we have been able to watch the changes in the water. The betadine gives the water a light reddish tinge and we watched the water turn darker and darker and other things began to float, so the infection is being drawn out. She stood for a solid 15 minutes in her pails just ground tied. We talked to her and though you could tell she was not thrilled (ears slightly pinned) she went with the program.

Though we knew there abscesses, we are happy that we had the xrays done. This gave us a sense of relief noting that there was very little remodeling of the coffin bones and a good treatment program for her. Dr. Hadland is very pleased with how she looks and has contacted us several times over the last couple of days to check on her. We are very happy that he is on our advisory board, and that he has a true and genuine compassion for these special horses.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our fundraisers for the Valentine Fundraiser! Additionally, our gratitude for your purchasing these wonderful valentines is appreciated as well as your calling in to Shadow Mountain Feed to purchase the much needed hay is truly an expression of love. THANK YOU!!

We do wish all of you a SUPER weekend. I wonder if our Football Team will have their version of the Super Bowl?? We shall see.

Stephanie and Rob