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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Tuesday morning to all,

Been a while since I have been on....

We have all been there when you think everything is running smoothly and then a bump in the road. Nothing ever goes as planned. We are slated to close on or before September 25th. Let's hope that its sooner, as I am ready to go.

Dr. Hadland will be here at approximately 2pm today for Faith. We suspect that Faith has an abscess on right front. She is going to be sedated and hopefully work can be done on the foot. Rob was out of work for almost two months four years ago from a sedated draft horse, but this could happen with any horse and it was with Dr. Hadland at that time as well. We will never forget that day or the next two months following.

Little Bear is doing great, Marigold and Hagan just hang out together and enjoy each other's company. All of the horses are doing quite well I must say, better than the human aspect. I have been meaning to get pictures done but it seems always something comes up and I am jumping in the truck running paperwork back and forth.

Just wanted to let you all know that everything is progressing as it should.. Will have the gang out here this weekend to assist in other areas, and of course loving on and handing out treats to the horses.

We will talk soon!!!!