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Friday, August 24, 2012

Our beloved friend, Linda Hayte

Today, I lost one of the most special women in my life...LINDA HAYTE.  I do not know the words to convey what I want to say as there will never be enough good to be said about Linda.  The world was such a wonderful place with her in it and the heavens are rejoicing with her presence.  Linda was so so much more than a friend, she was a big part of our family.  My parents adored her as we all did.  Linda was a fighter, and a brave one at that.  When things were looking bleak Linda was ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS so positive.  She and I would talk about her an Ed visiting this fall and the things we were going to do and the fun we would have.  I have so many many good memories, and I cannot tell you how blessed I was to have Linda in my life.  I will always have Linda to talk to and I can hear her responses to me.  As I stated before, Linda made being on earth a wonderful place to be as she surrounded you with her compassion, love, her hugs, her smile, her might have thought she had a hard exterior but my gosh she was a marshmellow with so much to give.  Linda I love you and I will miss your presence on earth, but I know the angels are rejoicing with you in heaven!

A Special Note to Ed...  Ed you are my HERO, you stood by Linda through it all and may GOD BLESS YOU for your courage.  May the Lord give you the strength and the peace.  You are and always will be in Rob's and I thoughts and prayers and I do hope that we can meet face to face someday soon so we can talk about the most beautiful angel in heaven.. YOUR LINDA...OUR LINDA.

Linda was so so special.  An exceptional person, words cannot even begin to describe her.  In fact there are not enough words in the English language that even begin to describe her.

Yes, Linda named Electra and her full name is Electra Glide which is a motorcycle by Harley Davidson.  Linda had a love for Harley Davidsons, as her husband Ed does.  From the day lil Electra was born Linda saw and stated what a beautiful and streamlined horse she is and she is a classic beauty.  Linda knew her stuff.

The mechanical Electra Glide.  Hmmmm..maybe this is what Linda is rip roaring around the heavens on.  I can only say this: I wish that those of you who never got to meet her face to face had the opportunity to do so, and for those of us who did and for those of us who formulated a wonderful bond and friendship with her we were blessed!

Here's to you Linda! Vrooommm! Vrooommm!

We would like to announce the First Annual "Linda Hayte's Electra Glide Memorial Hay Challenge." Our goal is to purchase 100 bales or more of hay for the horses. Actually, the sky's the limit! We're building a stairway of hay to heaven!  Please click here for more details.

Stephanie and Rob