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MHR PMU horses

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas at MHR&S

A unique and festive Hay Challenge has been made by MHR’s resident writer of horse tales, Samm. He has generously offered to purchase a bale of hay on Dec. 25th, if someone else purchases a bale. The 2nd day he’ll buy 2 bales if someone also purchases 2 bales, and so it will go till the 12th day – Jan. 6, 2012 when we hope someone will be able to purchase 12 bales. Hay can be purchased by individuals or friends can partner up together to purchase full or half bales. The cost of hay has risen again, the current price at Shadow Mountain Feed is $22.00 a bale, $11.00 for a half bale.

All the animals are preparing for this Hay Challenge! The draft horses, Justice, Apple, Jerri, and Charity are already equipped with large hooves perfect for the drummers drumming. Playing the pipers piping will be a musical ensemble led by Emmett and General. The lords a-leaping will be commanded by Trooper and Dublin. The ladies dancing will include beauties such as Electra, Bright Eyes, and Blondie. Daily warm up classes are being held by the diva herself, Baby B. Rescued mares who have volunteered for maids a- milking will be overseen by Queen Misty. Five “golden” horse shoes will be provided by Rob, the MHR farrier. The resident MHR chickens and geese will portray the swans a- swimming, calling birds, French hens, turtle doves and the partridge in a pear tree. Appropriate costumes are being assembled in the Coopacabana – Orville has the final say as wardrobe master.

Please join us in this festive Holiday Hay Challenge from Samm!