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Friday, November 11, 2011

Gus and Shania

From the very beginning of the establishment of MHR&S, our contract states that if an adopter can no longer care for our horse it must be returned.

On November 8, 2011, Shania and Gus were returned due to financial reasons. Gus was adopted long before any of us ever met and never made it on our website. Both were adopted by the same individual. They are healthy, cared for and loved. This change in their dad's life is a tough one, but he knows the importance of their welfare.

So with this said, we are going to have to add a few more bales of hay. We are not panicking, we are being ProActive not ReActive. This is all part of our rescues policy. We hope that you will join us in welcoming them home.

Gus is approximately 23 yrs old, he is a Quarter Horse. Gus came to us from a trail riding company. They felt he was all used up and had to go. Well, Gus was not all used up, he just needed his own person. After being adopted, Gus received six months off from any riding, but had daily positve contact. This was so good for him, he got to be a horse on his own terms. He then went on to spend many hours with his dad wandering the desert exploring trails. Gus is not for the weak at heart per his dad, do not let his age fool you. Gus requires a VERY EXPERIENCED rider.

Shania is 23 yrs old now as well. She was formerly owned by a San Bernadino County Deputy Sheriff and a member of a Search and Rescue Team. She has undergone some extensive training, we actually saw a photo of a helicopter hovering above Shania and three other horses while the riders were touching the skids. Simply amazing. Shania was retired from her duties as she began stumbling on the trails. With some foot work and hours of trying to figure out what was going on with her, it all came together. When Shania's mind wanders she will stumble, but if you keep her attention on what you are doing she does not have any issues. Her dad proved this, by the hours spent riding her and learning what he could from her and what she was telling him. Shania requires an EXPERIENCED RIDER who must be able to handle her on the ground as well. She likes to get ahead of you when walking, but you can get her to quit if you tell her so.

Welcome home Gus and Shania!