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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Wednesday Morning to Everyone,

The Needle in the Hay Stack was a complete success and our check up and shot day will be towards the end of September. With it having been such a success we met the challenge that was put forth by one of our supporters. We are so grateful for the 80 additional bales of hay... THANK YOU to Everyone.

We have had family here for 14 days so trying to get back into the swing of things. Who would have thought that two little kids could wipe you out. LOL However, it was wonderful and they went home with memories and lots of pictures of them and the horses. Our little 7 yr old granddaughter, decided to take it upon herself one afternoon/evening to go outside and feed the horses herself. She told us she was going out to talk to Dublin, but when I stepped outside less than 20 minutes later to check on her she was out dragging the hay wagon around for the FB field. Mind you now, we had to go back and give them more as her rations were not enough. She knew what a flake was but she did not have the concept of how much. We praised her, because she took the initiative. But, we also told her that we would help her in the future. The one thing that I appreciate is the fact that our daughter has taught them that horses can be dangerous and though they may not mean to hurt you they can.

Bruno moped for a couple of days after they left as he would follow them step for step everywhere they went. When it was bed time for them, there he was right along with them, keeping a watchful eye. However, one evening I heard laughter and barking, and when I went to the bedroom, there were all three of them bouncing around the bed. They all stopped with that Deer in the headlights look. Quite comical.

All the horses are doing well, including Electra and Charity. The weaning is done, but we did give Electra a little older mini named LC which belongs to my daughter-in-law. LC has taught Electra that people are good, whereas Charity was teaching her to stay away. It is all a balance and is working.


Stephanie and Rob