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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Ladies of Liberty fundraiser is a wonderful tribute and thank you to everyone, Bev, Lucy, Sheriff, Ro and Sheila. It is beautiful!!


The dynamics of our horses in the FB Field and Ladies Parlour. One of the things I enjoy doing in the evening is watching the horses and their behavior with one another. You learn so much.

In the FB they are paired up during the day Levi/Jocori, Simba Marie/Old Man, JD/Silky, Jo/HalfMoon and all is well. But it is funny how things change when it is feeding time. They go from hanging together to becoming aggressive. It is a matter of survival of the fittest. They will chase each other off of food, hence the reason we place a lot more food out there so no one goes without. Once they have finished, then it is back to normal.

The Ladies Parlour it is Whiskey/Cosmo, Trooper/Glory, Dublin/Jerri, and again it is the same thing. However there is one exception. The two that have the most harmonious relationship are Jerri and Dublin. They eat together at each meal, they do not bicker, they wander together and are very content.

It is just very interesting to watch. You learn so much by just watching them, and their interfacing through the course of the day. I know they teach me something new everyday. Watching them play is another learning experience, and shows how intelligent they are.

I wanted to share what I watch during the evening hours, it makes for excellent entertainment, plus a learning experience. Insight into the horses world. Truly amazing.

Everyone have a wonderful day! Thank you again for the "Ladies of Liberty" fundraiser! It is individuals such as yourself that make a difference in the lives of the horses at Miracle Horse Rescue.

Stephanie and Rob